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The Wombats

Welcome to The Wombats!


Welcome back! What a fantastic first two weeks we have had in Year 2! We have already been super busy enjoying learning lots of new things.


We started our learning journey in Year 2 by finding out all about wombats and we made a fact file about what we found out. We learned about the features of a fact file, wrote questions to use as sub headings, made notes about wombats from information around the classroom and tried our hardest with our presentation.





We have been looking at wolves in our second week ready to make a poster about them. Background knowledge about wolves will help us in our English lessons next week as we are going to be starting this fabulous book.




We have loved reading this story at the end of each day. We have just finished the last chapter and can't wait to find out what we will be reading next!



Important Information

PE Day: Monday

Library Day: Tuesday

Please make sure that reading books are in school each day and a water bottle to.


Pop back soon and see some more of The Wombats in action!


Just look how far we have come! Compare our writing from our wonderful trip to Low Barns to our very first piece of writing and you just won't believe the difference!

This is some of the work we did when we were planning our recounts after our visit.




We had a great day on Science Day last week! We tied our theme into our Science topic which is all about plants. We became botanists and found out all about the botanist Jane Colden.



We looked at examples of her sketches which were accurate and detailed and tried to create our own by drawing some real flowers and labelling them with the different parts of a plant.



Then we went outside to see if we could identify any plants, flowers and trees in our school grounds.


We had a lot of fun! Thank you Miss Thompson for organising it for us!