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Autumn Term Focus Ideas

As mentioned earlier, in Nursery we have very short focused sessions and the majority of our day is spent playing and exploring. Below are some ideas to try from home. 

As well as these short focuses, try to include a daily story or two, sing some nursery rhymes, explore outside (if you can), talk with each other and try to limit screen time. 


During the Autumn Term, we mainly focus on settling in and learning the new rules and routines of Nursery, as well as developing our independence.


You can do this at home too!


We are learning how to use our 'Listening Ears'.

We use our listening ears to listen to the grown-ups, but also to help us understand the world around us.

Take some time to stop and listen. What can you hear?

Can you work out what is making that sound, or where its coming from?


Our topic for Autumn 1 is 'All About Me'

This helps the grown-ups in Nursery learn all about you, and helps you learn about your new friends in Nursery!

Practice talking about things that are special to you.

It might be thing like:

- Who lives in your house

-  Any pets you have

- Your favourite things (food, colour, things to do)


We are also practicing our mark making skills and drawing our very own self portraits!

Have a go at home, all you need is a piece of paper and something to draw with!

(Grown-ups! remember, it doesn't need to 'look like' anything at all - its just important to make those marks and try to tell you what they have drawn!)


And don't forget - when you have finished playing, make sure you tidy away your things - make sure they all go back in the right places! (We know, hiding things in cupboards can make things look tidy, but it doesn't really help!)

This is a big help when in Nursery too, as we have so many toys and resources to have fun with, we sometimes struggle to keep everywhere tidy!