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The Wombats

Summer Term

We have fallen a little bit in love...

In fact, we love it so much, we are working our way through the rest of the whole series and some of us have bought our own copies of Flat Stanley !

It's been a half term of planting so far as part of our Science work. Some of them grew very well, and some not so much... but we did have a letter from a very special visitor who asked us to make her something rather special...

Of course we had to help! We have planted and designed and worked with clay to make her something really rather beautiful, although it's not finished yet. There's still a landing pad to build. But here's a sneaky peak!

Fairy Garden

There have been lots of magical things happening in Year 2! We have also been studying Aladdin in our English lessons. We have written the most brilliant diaries in role as Aladdin  from when he first met jasmine in the market.

Wonderful Diaries Written in Role

Welcome my cute, furry wombats!

 I am so excited to have you back in school and can't wait for our adventures together this year. There are lots of wonderful topics for us to explore and learn about together. I will be adding lots of photos to our page throughout the year so everyone can see what we have all been up to.  


During this term we will be looking at the adventures of Captain Cook and learning all about journeys! 


Can you find out an interesting fact about wombats and bring it to school to share with us all?  There are house points if you do!


Mrs Roberts


Meet the Teacher

Watch out! Look who is coming to Wombat Class!


First we listened to this sound and we had to guess what it was.


Did you guess what was making that sound?


We talked about what we already know about wolves and if we knew

 any stories with a wolf character in. Then we talked about what  the characters were like.



We thought of adjectives to describe wolves based on what we knew and then had to write what our opinion of wolves was using the word because to justify our answer. Have a look at some of our great wolf work!



We looked at really great examples of information posters about wolves and labelled them with all of the important features that we wanted to include in our own posters about wolves.



We planned our own posters so we knew what we wanted to include.



When we were all happy with our plans, we turned them into our own posters. Take a look at some of our awesome work. We worked so hard to make these as good as we could, we hope you love our work just as much as we do.








Then we had a wild visitor who has come to live in Wombat Class, he's called Wilf (because he's a wolf).



 and he is the star of this story...



Pop back soon, see what a wild time we are having!


Thank you to the lovely Mrs Bell who is busy making us all Reading Critters! We love them!

We won the attendance award which means we get a non-uniform day as a reward!