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Watch this video about ‘ai’ the digraph we will be learning about in the zoom today.

Have a hunt around your house and see if your child can find any items which have the ‘ai’ sound in them.

Here are some activities for your child to do. Choose the ones to match their zoom group name. If they find it easy, try the one above too!


Rectangle Group

Write these sentences on their whiteboard for them to read.

The rain is wet.

The dog has a tail.

Challenge: Can they draw a picture to match?


Squares and Triangles

Write these words on their whiteboard and get your child to read them.

 nail, rail, rain, tail 

Challenge – Can they draw a picture to match each word?



Write these words on their whiteboard and help them to read.

aim, pin, log, cat


If your child struggles to read the word you can put sound buttons under. One dot for each single sound and a line under digraphs. Digraphs are where two letters make one sound (th, ch, sh, ng, ai etc)