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The Big Apple - Home Learning Part 7...


Hi Everyone,


Home learning this week is with a difference. I have posted a link below which will take you to this week's activities. Now, there are many units which you can access but I would like you to complete an English (Reading/Writing), Maths and Science Unit laugh However, which one you choose is up to you e.g. some may choose fractions in Maths but others may choose missing angles...


That's all from me for now but continue to work hard like I know you all can!

Speak soon,

Miss Thompson xx



The Big Apple - Home Learning Part 6...


Hi Everyone,


It's me again with some more activities to support you whilst you're learning from home. In addition to the Maths and English activities which are listed below, make sure you head on over to the 'Science' section of the website for a variety of challenges and investigations. But why stop there when you can also take a look at Wild West's page where you will see activities which will support you in planning your own music festival - something a bit different for you to have a go at this week laugh 


That's all from me for now but remember to take care and stay safe!

Bye for now,

Miss Thompson xx

Home Learning - SPaG - Part 6 (If you can't quite remember how to use specific pieces of punctuation, draw upon tasks you have previously completed, using the handy hints and tips which were provided)

Home Learning - Reading: Commentating - Part 6 (Remember to think carefully how certain parts of a text build or change an overall message or meaning)

The Big Apple - Home Learning Part 5...


Hi Everyone,


Just some more work to keep your brains ticking over. Looking forward to seeing you all back in school again but until that time arrives, make sure you keep me updated with what you're doing at home by posting on our Blog laugh


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Thompson xx

Home Learning - Writing - Part 5... Choose a book you have read recently and use the template below to write a book review and share it on our Blog

Home Learning - Reading: Summarising - Part 5 (Remember to pick out the main points from what you have read)

The Big Apple - Home Learning Part 4...


Hi Everyone,


Just me again with some more activities for you to be getting on with!


Keep looking after yourselves, stay safe and keep busy. Don't forget to share your fantastic work with me on our Blog as I love hearing about what you are getting up to whilst at home laugh


Bye for now,

Miss Thompson xx

Home Learning - Writing - Part 4

Home Learning - Reading: Prediction - Part 4 (Remember to use think carefully before you make a logical and reasonable guess about what could happen next)

The Big Apple - Home Learning Part 3...


Hi Everyone,


Just me again...


Hope you're all well and not working too hard! Just thought I would pop on an upload a few more activities for you to be getting on with seen as I know you will all be keen to keep up with your learning smiley


Don't forget, alongside the activities below, it is important that you keep up with you reading so don't be afraid to get stuck into a good book and then complete your accelerated quiz afterwards - don't worry, I will be checking! cheeky Also, whilst on the topic of reading, you can head over to the 'English' section of the website which will point you in the direction of links to other reading-related websites if you happen to run out of books at home.


Anyway, that's all from me for now but remember that you can keep me updated with what you are getting up to on our Class Blog and even have a nosey at what I have been doing whilst I haven't been in school.


Bye for now,

Miss Thompson laugh


P.S. How could I forget? For something a bit different and if you missed my Facebook Post about a weekly Science Challenge, head over the the Science section where you will find last weeks challenge and keep your eyes peeled for this weeks...

Home Learning - Reading: Vocabulary - Part 3 (Remember to use the text to help you decode the meaning of unfamiliar words)

The Big Apple - Home Learning Part 2...


Hi Everyone,


How are my little superstars getting on? Keeping safe and well I hope and helping out around the house as much as you can seen as you don't have a classroom to keep tidy... I hope you have all thoroughly enjoyed your 'Easter Holidays' and not eaten too many Easter eggs - I still have one to go and we all know how much I love to eat chocolate so I feel that this is an achievement! cheeky 


Well, back to 'school' we go as tomorrow would have been the start of our Summer Term so to keep on top of your school work, you will find some new resources below to keep you going. Feel free to also pop onto the other Year 6 Class Pages for other activities as well laugh


That's all from me for now but remember to keep checking the class blog to see what I'm getting up to and feel free to keep me updated with what you're doing too as I really do miss hearing about all your stories and exciting adventures that you get up to!


Bye for now,

from, Miss Thompson laugh

Home Learning - Reading: Inference - Part 2 (Remember to use Point Evidence Explain in your answers)

The Big Apple - Home Learning Part 1...


Hi Everyone, 


Just checking in...hope you’re all staying safe and looking after yourselves. I’ve heard on the grapevine that you’re all working extra hard to keep up with your learning and may be in need of some more activities to keep you busy. Remember though, the Easter holidays are coming up so don’t work too hard over the next couple of weeks (however, if it involves eating chocolate then I will allow it!|) laugh

I know you will all be wondering what I’m up to as it seems like forever since I last saw you crying Well, alongside my work and making sure everything is ready for when you all hopefully return, I’ve been keeping myself busy with jobs around the house and taking time to do a few things for myself, like building Lego sets which have been sat in my cupboards for goodness knows how long and enjoying a ‘little’ bit of exercise every now and again (not too much though, you know me...).


Anyway, that's enough of me babbling on (for now cheeky) but I will continue to keep you updated about what I am doing and further activities you can be getting on with whilst you’re not at school. Take a look below to see some activities which you could be getting on with but remember 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and I will check back in with you all very soon!


Have fun, stay safe and continue being the superstars I know you are,

from, Miss Thompson laugh

Home Learning - Science - Part 1 but always remember the rules for daily outings and social distancing so use your back garden or the internet where you can!

Welcome to The Big Apple!


I'm Miss Thompson and extremely proud to be the class teacher of New York! We always try our best in everything we do; striving to achieve our full potential and helping each other along the way.


Take a look below at what we have been getting up to frown


Image result for charles fazzino

Why is the obtuse angle always upset? Because it's never right! Who knew measuring angles could be so fun...

We researched 'The Blood' and created presentations to represent our findings!

Our Class Assembly! We hope you learnt a thing or two about WW2; we certainly did!

Our Good to be Green Treat - The Battle Bus! This was soooooooo much fun!

We took part in a project which focused on improving Well-being and Mental Health

Children in Need 2019

We learnt CPR during Restart a Heart Day on Wednesday 16th November 2019

Exploring current and electrical conductors and insulators in Science!