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Catch-up Plan 2020-2021

At Harrowgate Hill we embrace a thematic curriculum to enable children to enhance cross-curricular learning opportunities. We provide a curriculum that is not just broad and balanced but one which is also deep with enrichment and enterprise opportunities. We offer our children a range of exciting and purposeful experiences which provide rich opportunities for applying the key skills of reading, writing and maths.

At Harrowgate Hill, we use a Topic based approach to teach the majority of our curriculum subjects. Each year group works on a different Topic each term and the Foundation subjects are taught through this Topic. This work links directly to the statutory National Curriculum Objectives which schools are required to study (and as laid out in our Progress Documents).

At the beginning of each term, every class spends time completing work based around their class - for example, the pupils of Wild West class do work around the Frontiersman of North America. This work links directly to the statutory National Curriculum Objectives which schools are required to study (and as laid out in our Progress Documents).

We believe that the children's time in school shouldn't just be about the academic aspects of life and, as part of our every day curriculum, we like to offer the children opportunities to develop skills which will help them become even more well rounded individuals. Below is a list (not an exhaustive one) of many of the skills that we share with the children on a daily basis. These skills are built upon from year to year and not ignored just because some or most of the children have begun to master them - we believe that it is worth practising all of these skills throughout the children's time with us.

TwentyThings To Do Before You Leave

Harrowgate Hill 


As well as sharing life skills with the children, we like to offer opportunities for activities which will enhance and enrich their time at Harrowgate Hill. To this end, we have compiled a list of Twenty Things To Do Before You Leave Harrowgate Hill. How many have you done so far? How many do you think you'll achieve before you move on to Secondary School? Your teachers would love to hear about them all!


1.) Take part in a class assembly

2.) Represent the school in an extra-curricular activity

3.) Take part in a sponsored event for charity

4.) Take part in a school play

5.) Spend the night away from home (with the school)

6.) Attend an after school club

​​​​​​​7.) Learn to speak another language

8. Achieve Star of the Week

9.)  Help your House to victory!

10.) Send a postcard to school from an interesting place

11.) Know all of your Times Tables

12.) Eat your dinner with a teacher

13.) Visit a local tourist attraction

14.) Make a video for the school website

15.) Hold an election

16.) Make a mud pie!

17.) Go on a bouncy castle

18.) Take a ride on a bus or a coach

19.) Write to a penpal in a different country

20.) Make a time capsule

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.