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The HHPS Curriculum At A Glance

The Harrowgate Hill Curriculum Approach


Whilst some subjects at Harrowgate Hill are taught discreetly (e.g. Maths, PE, PSHE...) where we can we implement a thematic approach to our learning linked to our termly topics.  Our curriculum not only gives the children rich, broad and balanced learning platform it also gives them many life and enrichment opportunities, providing them with aspirations that with serve them well throughout their life at school and beyond.


Whilst we have an over-arching Intent, Implementation and Impact for the curriculum as a whole, each individual subject has its own and is tailored to our children's needs.


Our Curriculum Intentions

 1. To develop ALL learning - we aim to offer our children a range of exciting and purposeful experiences which provide rich opportunities for applying the skills of Reading, Writing and Maths outside of their normal contexts.


2. To create Independent Learners - we provide consistent opportunities for building resilience and motivation and offer them the chances to lead learning wherever possible to enhance and enrich their own understanding.


3. To develop a passion for learning -  we encourage our pupils to become involved in wider opportunities and to develop passions and skills beyond English and Maths, as well as providing frequent enterprise opportunities for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


4. To prepare our children for the future - we encourage our children to develop and drive ambition, to grab every opportunity presented to them with both hands and to create new opportunities in life to succeed where none already exist.


The Implementation of Our Curriculum

At Harrowgate Hill, we use a thematic approach to learning. We talked to all of our stakeholders involved with the school and through these discussions, we decided how best to facilitate the National Curriculum in as exciting and engaging way as possible. Each year we consider the children's input and each year group creates a theme for the term or half term which encompasses a broad selection of the expected learning objectives and then forms a series of interesting, engaging and relevant lessons around these objectives.

These lessons develop throughout the term, allowing time to address misconceptions, catch-up, and offers the flexibility to 'break away' from the structure plan to focus on or study current events which may have had an impact on the lives of our children.

We also allow some subject areas the freedom to be taught discreetly  - for examples, specific focusses on Science and Maths are encouraged to provide a deeper understanding of those areas.

We promote active engagement in lessons through group work, critical thinking opportunities to reflect and analyse the learning at a deeper level and the use of mini-teachers to develop independent learning.


The Impact of our Curriculum

1. The development of learning for ALL - the impact of our curriculum is measured not only in terms of academic success but also in terms of personal achievement. The children at Harrowgate Hill Primary School are, of course, encourage to always do their very best at every stage of their learning and our aim is to ensure that our children's attainment and progress in both the core and foundation subjects is in line with or exceeding age related expectations.

Using Target Tracker and formal assessment tests, we measure this impact with great care, taking into account the starting points and abilities of the children in our care, and with high expectations, we guide them towards the fulfilment of their potential. We intend that the impact of our curriculum will be that our children will be academically and physically prepared for life in Secondary School in Modern Britain and the World.


2. The development of Independent Learners - The development of independent learners will be demonstrated in the approach of our children towards the challenges they face both in and out of school on a daily basis. This could be in the classroom, where they lead their own learning, or working towards solving a complex problem, or it could be seen on the playground, in a game or disagreement which they resolve calmly and to the satisfaction of all involved parties. The impact here should clearly be the resilience of our children in all tasks and situations , their high levels of motivation to succeed and achieve, and their demonstration of the personal and social skills to be able to do this.


3. Developing a passion for learning - the impact of the HHPS curriculum will be demonstrated by children who are eager to progress their own learning. These will be children who ask complex questions which will develop their own understanding ; these are children who will continue their learning outside of the classroom; and these are the children who will not be satisfied with simple answers - they will want a deeper and more complex understanding of their learning. 


4. Preparing our children for the future - Finally, our curriculum impact will be seen in children who display a clear understanding of complex values like equality, friendship, trust and many others. Only by gaining a true understanding of what these mean will our learners be able to develop a character that prepares them for living in their community, demonstrating tolerance and equality. We measure this not just by the work the children produce but in the behaviours we see each and every day on the playground , in corridors, and in the many roles and responsibilities we offer to them. The impact of this intention is seen in the daily interaction of all members of our community, including staff and children.


Equality and Diversity within the Curriculum

We ensure at every level, in all of our work, and through all aspects of the school community and its life, everyone will be treated equally, reflecting the Equality Act 2010. We will not discriminate against the protected characteristics of age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation.

In order to promote diversity and equality for all, we embed the teaching of equality and British Values through our PSHE Jigsaw curriculum as well as school assemblies.


SEND and curriculum access

At HHPS we are committed to providing the conditions and opportunities to enable any child with SEND to be included fully in all aspects of school life. Every teacher is a teacher of every child or young person, including those with SEND. We fully comply with all outlined in the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Regulations 2014. 


Would you like more information?


If you would like to find out more about the HHPS curriculum please contact our curriculum Lead Mr Daniel Abbott via the school office on





Read, Write Inc. is the chosen validated 'Systematic Synthetic Phonics Scheme' at Harrowgate Hill Primary. Staff have all been trained by a Read,Write Inc. trainer in using the scheme and we have begun to teach our children to read  with it from September 2022. We have a continuing professional development package with Read, Write Inc. who will work with us throughout 2022-23 to ensure the scheme is embedded well in school and being used successfully to teach our children to read quickly and fluently. 

If you would like to find out more about the scheme in the meantime please see the information below or click on the link to take you to the Read,Write inc. website.

Further information can be found in the 'Parents' tab - click on 'Phonics/Reading - Read, Write Inc.' including videos of how to pronounce sounds and how you can help support your child with their phonics and reading at home.

If you require any further information about Phonics or Early Reading please speak to or contact our  Reading Leads Mrs N Aitken or Mrs R Dovaston via



At Harrowgate Hill we embrace a thematic curriculum to enable children to enhance cross-curricular learning opportunities. We provide a curriculum that is not just broad and balanced but one which is also deep with enrichment and enterprise opportunities. We offer our children a range of exciting and purposeful experiences which provide rich opportunities for applying the key skills of reading, writing and maths.

At the beginning of each term, every class spends time completing work based around their class - for example, the pupils of Wild West class do work around the Frontiersman of North America. This work links directly to the statutory National Curriculum Objectives which schools are required to study (and as laid out in our Progress Documents).

We believe that the children's time in school shouldn't just be about the academic aspects of life and, as part of our every day curriculum, we like to offer the children opportunities to develop skills which will help them become even more well rounded individuals. Below is a list (not an exhaustive one) of many of the skills that we share with the children on a daily basis. These skills are built upon from year to year and not ignored just because some or most of the children have begun to master them - we believe that it is worth practising all of these skills throughout the children's time with us.

TwentyThings To Do Before You Leave

Harrowgate Hill 


As well as sharing life skills with the children, we like to offer opportunities for activities which will enhance and enrich their time at Harrowgate Hill. To this end, we have compiled a list of Twenty Things To Do Before You Leave Harrowgate Hill. How many have you done so far? How many do you think you'll achieve before you move on to Secondary School? Your teachers would love to hear about them all!


1.) Take part in a class assembly

2.) Represent the school in an extra-curricular activity

3.) Take part in a sponsored event for charity

4.) Take part in a school play

5.) Spend the night away from home (with the school)

6.) Attend an after school club

​​​​​​​7.) Learn to speak another language

8. Achieve Star of the Week

9.)  Help your House to victory!

10.) Send a postcard to school from an interesting place

11.) Know all of your Times Tables

12.) Eat your dinner with a teacher

13.) Visit a local tourist attraction

14.) Make a video for the school website

15.) Hold an election

16.) Make a mud pie!

17.) Go on a bouncy castle

18.) Take a ride on a bus or a coach

19.) Write to a penpal in a different country

20.) Make a time capsule

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.