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Summer Term!

Well we've made it to the final term and it's great to see Peru class altogether again in school. We're working very hard now we're back to make up for lost time. Mind you, we have achieved so much during lockdown reading, writing and continuing with our maths activities some from home and others in school. 

We're looking forward to things getting back to normal outside school too. It's been lovely sharing stories about meeting up with friends and family we haven't seen in a very long time. 

This term year 5 are learning all about the Ancient Maya in history and our English text is 'Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson.


Spring Term


This term we were back together for just one day and then ANOTHER lockdown!

I had to teach on zoom (which I had been dreading for ages)! 

Keyworker children were in school and everybody else had to log into zoom three times a day!

However, we all did the best we could and continued to learn as much as possible.

Peru enjoyed some scavenger hunts, unique 20 games and knife, fork and spoon games at the end of our lessons.

There was some great work done both in school and at home.

Well done Peru!

When we returned to school we all enjoyed the first week being back together again.

Peru class were so pleased to see their friends and the keyworker children were glad their classmates were back. They said it was very quiet in school without them!

To get back into the swing of things we designed and made our own 'Mr Lockdown' or 'Little Miss Lockdown' books!

We also looked at 'Mr Doodle' online and copied his style to make a doodle wall (on paper)!!! for our cloakroom. It looked great. 

Our Cloakroom Art!

Peru class have been doing some artwork today using pictures of rainforest animals. They used one half of a picture and then drew the other half as accurately as possible! They are very proud of their efforts and finished up with some great pictures. They were very creative with their colouring and backgrounds too!

Peru have enjoyed reading 'Street Child' this half term. Here they are doing some drama. They did some freeze frames to show what happened when the horrible landlord Mr Spink comes into their room and shouts at their mother.






 Welcome to Peru Class!

Hi everyone! I’m Mrs Melling and I’m very excited to be working in year 5 this year! It is so good getting back to school and doing what I enjoy most. My life has been very quiet without you all to talk to! I’m also delighted to be working with a brilliant team of staff!


I’m amazed at how well my new class have adjusted to being back after such a long time in lockdown. They have worked their socks off so far so I know they’ll soon catch up.


This term we will be learning all about South America (in particular Peru of course)! We already know lots about the Amazon rainforest and deforestation. Just ask the children!

We’ll also be learning all about the Industrial Revolution in history. Our English text is ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty so we will hear all about what life was like for children in the cities during this time.


Our class novel is ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell and that is also set in the Amazon rainforest. We have already learned lots of facts about the area from the book.

Looking forward to an exciting year!