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We will be continuing our Phase 3 phonics learning this week. We learn one new sound each day: ch sh th ng and on a Friday we do some consolidation.

Watch the following videos each day so that your child learns about the same letters we are doing at school.

There are two videos each day – part 1 and part 2:

Monday ch (Lesson 41, part 1 and 2)


Tuesday sh (Lesson 42, part 1 and 2)


Wednesday th (Lesson 43, part 1 and 2)


Thursday ng (Lesson 44, part 1 and 2)


Friday review (Lesson 45, part 1 and 2)


After you have watched the videos each day:

Can you find things that start with that letter around the house?

You can try writing three letter words using the letters the children have been taught and see if they can blend them to read them.

You can say a word and see if they can write down the sounds they hear in the word spell it.

Some words you can use – chop, chin, chug, check, such, chip, chill, much, rich, chicken, ship, shop, shed, shell, fish, shock, cash, bash, hush, rush, them, then, that, this, with, moth, thin, thick, path, north, ring, rang, hang, song, wing, rung, king, long, sing, ping-pong.

If you want to challenge your child…

Encourage them to write a caption or short sentence using the words they have learnt.