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Year 6 - Wild West

Welcome To The Wild West


Yeehaw, pardners, and welcome to your first term in the Wild West. My name is Mr Abbott and I will be your Sherrif for the forthcoming year!!


This year, our Autumn Term Topic focusses on the Second World War - its causes and its consequences, the effect it had on the people not just at home but around the world, and its lasting legacy. We read the novel ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’ in our English lessons, using it to help inform our understanding of what happened in Europe during the war, and to help us improve not only our reading comprehension skills, but also our writing skills.



PE Slots for Autumn

Children need to come dressed in their PE kits on their specified days. A reminder that our PE kits are black shorts/joggers, house coloured t-shirt, black jacket/jumper and trainers.  Please ensure that there are no Logos on sports clothing.


Little Reminders

Snacks – a reminder that if you would like to send a snack in with your child to eat in the morning break, then it needs to be fruit, vegetable or cheese. We have many pupils with severe allergies so no nut-based products should be brought on to school site please.  Milk can be ordered for your child via the school office if you wish.

Water bottles – please send a water bottle in with your child so they can stay hydrated throughout the day.


Soft starts – we will open the doors and gates at 8.30am for children to come in to class each morning. There will be morning jobs and activities to do. Register will be taken at 8.45 and children should be ready for their first lesson to begin at 8.55.

Written permission must be sought if mobile phones are brought in to school and phone rules must be followed once agreed.  Please ensure that we have written permission for pupils walking home unaccompanied on the first day of term please.


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask!


See y'all soon,


Mr Abbott

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Circus Skills - 28th November 2022

Welcome Back


Welcome back to the Spring Term in the Wild West. This term, we will be working hard to learn as much knew knowledge, and gain as much new understanding, as we can before the SATs in the Summer Term. We'll be looking at Crime and Punishment throughout history, as part of our Topic work, looking at how laws have changed, and how the punishments for breaking those laws have become more, or less, harsh. Linked with this, we'll be studying 'The Highwayman', a poem by Alfred Noyes, 'The Long Walk To Freedom', Nelson Mandella's autobiography and 'The Lady of Shallot', Alfred Lord Tennyson's romantic poem about Arthurian times. We will also look at the art of Banksy, and try to discover who he is, as well building a working model of a guillotine (minus the sharp blade, you will be pleased to hear!).

To round off our World War 2 topic, we invited an 'Air Raid Warden' into school to tell us all about life in Britain during the war. He was incredibly engaging and taught us lots about the Blitz and evacuation. He also brought some interesting artefacts into school with him, which gave us the chance to try on clothes that had been worn by soldiers from the war, as well as seeing some of the other equipment which they would have used.

During our first week back at school, we spent a lot of time learning about the Wild West. We studied what it means to be a cowboy, we completed some research about the only female cowboy, Calamity Jane Cannery and we even looked at the ill-fated Donner Party's trek along the Oregon Trail - which ended in cannibalism!


We also spent some time learning about Native American Dreamcatchers and produced some lovely examples of our own!

In Science, this term, we have been studying the human circulatory system. As part of this, we looked at how our pulse is affected by exercise. We tested our pulses, to get a base rate, then completed a series of star jumps and re-tested our pulse to see how it had changed. We then asked the question why this change had occurred.

On Thursday 2nd March, it was World Book Day. We all came to school dressed as our favourite book character, and we took part in a number of fun activities - including reading with the Nursery children!the

On Wednesday 22nd March, Year 6 took part in CSI Day (linked to their Crime and Punishment Topic). They studied handwriting analysis, CSI Science - identifying different substances - and fingerprinting and even tried to discover who had broken into their classrooms by examining evidence in the shape of a footprint! A Great time was had by all the young detectives.

Summer In The Wild West


Howdy, pardners, and welcome back to the final term of this year - and, the last term for the Year Sixes at Harrowgate Hill! This term, we will be sitting our SATs - nothoing to worry about, all we ask is that everyone tries their hardest -, looking closely at the Tudors, exploring Evolution and Adaptation in Science and taking a dive into the murky world of Macbeth.

More importantly (!) we will be going on our residential trip to Newby Wiske (and offering a wide range of activities in school for those not going), and beginning to work on our year Six Leaver's Show. There will also be a BBQ for the children at the end of term, a Leaver's Assembly, and before that, lots of fun activities - especially when the sun is shining and we're all eager to get outside and enjoy the good weather.

Let's make the most of our last term together!

Mr Abbott