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Meet the Welfare Team

Meet the Welfare Team 
 At Harrowgate Hill Primary School we believe that nurturing and supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of our entire school family is integral to creating a happy and safe environment for all. We are whole-heartedly committed to doing this and have implemented many new strategies over the past year, to ensure that this is promoted and achieved.    We understand that everybody is presented with challenges, at some point in their life and we take the view that nobody should face these obstacles alone; whether that be staff, governors, pupils or their families. We are here for each and every member of our school family.  The DfE (Department for Education) recognises that children cannot achieve their fullest potential academically, if their emotional health and wellbeing is not being cared for and that is why we provide daily, specialised support for pupils within school via our Welfare Team.   
 If you are worried about the safety of any young person in our school, you can speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs Bowe. If she is absent then please ask to speak to Mrs Godfrey. 
If you would like to speak to Mrs Cornish about special needs or inclusion.

If you would like advice around your child's emotional wellbeing and/or mental health, please contact Miss Bensley.

To contact any of the key members of the Welfare Team listed above you can contact the Admin Office on 01325 253300.