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Hello and welcome to the Mandarin Ducks' class page! I am Mr Godfrey and I am excited for all the new learning ahead in our new school year.


In year 4, as part of our mini topic, we will be exploring South Korea and the variety of unique places it has to visit. Throughout our mini topic we will learn where South Korea is on the world map, along with the key provinces and city locations within the country. We shall explore the national animal of the Mandarin Duck along with key cultural elements of South Korean life, including their love of artwork.


After mini topic, once the Autumn term starts back we shall be looking at the lives of Ancient Greek citizens. We shall explore Greek myths, looking at the beasts and heroes who made them so well known.


Later in the year we shall also begin to explore unfortunate events, looking at both natural disasters and man-made problems. Finally we shall explore the lives of Romans and how it may have been different to those of Ancient Greeks. 

Powerpoint of Information: Mr Godfrey & the Mandarin Ducks class.

We enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greek way of life through our fantastic visitor this term! We got to look at many cool artefacts and learn how a Greek would live, speak and act.

We loved our Good to be Green treat this term, for all of our good behaviour in school!

In autumn we have enjoyed exploring the Harvest festival, creating a performance for parents and helping to gather food for those less fortunate than us.

Autumn 2


Welcome back to school everyone.


I hope you are excited and looking forward to all of the new learning that you will be doing this half term in school.


In English and Topic we will continue to be exploring the Ancient Greek people, with some interesting computer coding about creating our own Minotaur Labrynths! 

We will be looking condensation and the water cycle in science while we explore more fun activities during PE!


I wonder what exciting learning is waiting for you in the coming weeks!

Science - The Water Cycle

We have been looking at tenses in English, can anyone identify the error that I have put into the last bit of writing about our Science experiment? I have made an error in my past continuous tense, using past tense versions of the words. Remember, in past continuous we use a present tense verb after the past tense identifier.


If you have noticed this question, and identified the error in my writing, please come and tell me. 10 House Points for the first 3 children to identify the error.

Computer Coding - Creating an Ancient Greek Labyrinth

We had a fantastic time creating the maze layout and learning key shortcut commands to support our movement between different programs, such as a web browser, word document and file browser. 


We learned how to use key features of the coding program along with how they interact with one another. 

Computer Coding - Creating the Code!

After the maze, we learned how different parts of code function, how they interact with each other and how to slot them together to create larger chains of commands.

We learned that a command means an instruction and how the program runs each step.


We looked at how this affected the character and the maze that we created.


We explored how to code the character from moving over the maze walls and how to make our character react to bumping into one of those walls.