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Just one writing job this week.

Get your child to choose a jungle animal (picture below has some ideas) and draw it.

Help them come up with three sentences to write about the picture. You could do one sentence a day as writing is hard work when the children first start.


1. Choose a simple sentence (i.e. The tiger can run. The monkey can swing. The parrot can fly)

2. Get your child to repeat their chosen sentence a few times to help them remember.

3. Draw a line for each word.

4. Write one word at a time on each line, helping your child to segment the word into sounds. They might not get all the sounds, they just write the sounds they can hear. They may not know the correct sound yet so its fine for them to use the sounds we have been learning at school - these are all in their purple book. Please help them spell tricky words I to no go and the correctly as they know these. At this point we wouldn't expect correct spellings for every word, so 'The monkey can swing' may end up as 'the muncee can swing' or 'The tiger can run' could be 'The tighg can run'. You can use the grapheme cards we sent home if they are unsure of how a sound is written. Do not worry about capital letters at the start but please help them to put a full stop at the end as we have been doing this at school.