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Home Learning - Bonsai Style!


Hi Bonsai! Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and keeping those hands clean! laugh


I know most of you are getting stuck into your learning packs and I can't wait to see what marvellous things you have been doing to pass the time.


Should you start to come to the end of your packs or are itching to look for other resources to get your teeth into, I will add some extra bits and bobs through the coming weeks.


In the meantime, here are a few ideas of where to go and what to do during your time learning at home.




Read a wide range of books (even cookbooks and comic books count!). Who are the characters? What key events happen? What is the purpose of your text (to inform, to entertain, to instruct?) Which part was your favourite and why? Which parts of the story made you feel something strongly? What did you feel? How did the author do this? Can you summarise the story in a sentence? Could you write a book review for a friend or family member?


Could you keep a diary of your home learning experience? How are you going to make your diary interesting to the reader?


Try writing a set of instructions to tell a friend or family member how to do something you are talented at (baking, singing, dancing (yes, flossing included!), building a Lego model etc.).


As we have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as our class novel, why not write your own story about being invited to attend Hogwarts. What will you learn about? What house will you be placed in? What magical adventures will you and your friends have? You could even try to create your own potions- what will the potion do?




Below is the list of Year 3/4 spellings. Can you see some spelling patterns with some of the words?

Spelling activities:

  • create your own word search for someone to solve
  • create a mnemonic to help you remember trickier words e.g. because (Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants)
  • create a graffiti wall full of spellings in bubble writing, fancy writing, wiggly writing (please do this on paper- your family will not thank you for covering your bedroom walls in spellings!)
  • a good, old fashioned game of hangman never disappoints!
  • come up with an anagram (scrabbled up word) using your spelling words for someone to unscramble e.g. denimice = medicine




Practise your times tables with a firm favourite, Hit the Button!

How quickly can you recall your multiplication and division facts on TwinklGO? (password: NH5106)

Set up a shop or café with your own prices. Can you add up how much your family members' order will cost? How much change will they need?

Can you make a list of real-life 2D and 3D shapes around your home? How many faces, edges and vertices can you count? Can you make your own 3D shapes from dough. Lego or old cardboard boxes/tubes?

Make a tally chart about your family's favourite food, TV show/film or colour (anything you like). Can you turn that into a bar chart or pictogram?

Can you make/draw some fractions? Show me what a half, a quarter, an eighth, a third, a fifth and a tenth looks like. What about 3 quarters? Can you prove that 2 quarters and 5 tenths are the same fraction (equivalent) to a half?


Extra-Curricular Ideas

History- Tell me/ show me your family tree. Could you interview your family members and write a short biography about their lives? Research a hero from history and make a fact file (e.g. Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, Rosa Parks, Admiral Nelson, Joan of Arc, James Cook, Marie Curie, Sir Alexander Fleming etc.)


Geography- Explore Darlington via Google Maps- what attractions are there? What is its population? What rivers run through it? Explore a country or city you'd like to visit one day. How is it the same as Darlington? How is it different? Create a map of your neighbourhood- where is the nearest supermarket, place of worship, park etc.


Art/DT - Create a junk model (if you can) or get creative and make a floor-sterpieces (lay clothes or materials on the floor and make a picture- I once made a face out of scarves and coats on my living room floor when I was young- remember to take a picture then tidy it away so you don't leave your floor untidy!) Sketch the view from your window. What colours could you use to make it bright and cheerful or cold and gloomy? What style will you use to draw? Maybe use dots of felt-tips or crayons to make a pointillism picture like Georges Seurat.


Music- perform your favourite song or rhyme.  What household items can you find to make music? Rice in a box/carton makes an excellent shaker. Pots and pans were my sister's favourite but warn your family that it will be noisy! Sit in your garden/ open your window. What noises can you hear? Can you create a piece of music to match the weather outside?


MOST IMPORTANTLY- Do not feel that you have to do all of this as these are suggestions- Rome wasn't built in a day. Make the most of having the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Smile, laugh, dance and enjoy being with each other. Always make time to give yourselves a break. You and your families deserve it! heart


I hope that gives you and your family some useful ideas for what to do during your home learning. Do let me know what you're getting up to as I'm missing you all terribly! crying


Best of luck, be safe, wash your hands and keep smiling. You all make me very proud.


Ciao for now,


Mr Andrews  x


Welcome to the Bonsai class page.

Thanks for dropping by!


There is lots of learning to be done in Year 3 and we can't wait to get started!


We are kicking off our first two weeks of Year 3 learning all about the fascinating country of Japan where history and modernity collide!


Our Topic focus for the Autumn Term is The Stone Age!


Important notes for parents/carers:

  • Spellings are given out every Monday ready to test on the following Monday;
  • Homework for Maths and English is issued on Fridays and is expected to be returned by the following Thursday;
  • Our indoor PE lessons are on Wednesday afternoon;
  • Our outdoor PE lessons are on Thursday afternoon.


Please ensure your child arrives at school with full correct kit. Details of this can be found from the school's homepage.






As part of our Stone Age topic this term, Year 3 had a special visitor who had travelled from Prehistoric Britain to tell us all about life during the Stone Age. We were fascinated at how intelligent early Britons were at making and using tools made from a range of natural materials like stone, bone and antlers (to name a few!). Year 3 even had a go at painstakingly making flour from seeds by crushing and grinding them on a heavy slab of rock - thank goodness we can just buy our food from a supermarket nowadays!


The special visitor was kind enough to let us explore a mammoth selection of Stone Age artefacts including spears and jagged flint which were used for weapons or preparing food. We can't wait to use our new knowledge in our work this term!

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Judo Taster Session

A visit from author and illustrator, Liz Million!

Fitness Week!

French Day 2020


Bonjour! Le vendredi 31 janvier, c'était notre jour de français!


Hello! On Friday 31st January, it was our French day!


Year 3 had a 'fantastique' day dancing the French hokey cokey, decorating crêpes using colours of the French flag and drawing each other's portraits inspired by the artwork of many famous French artists such as Monet and Dégas.


It was a great opportunity to put our growing French language skills into practice and see the similarities and differences are between British and French culture.


Merci beaucoup à nos familles pour leur soutien à notre jour.

Thank you very much to our families for supporting our day.