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Rewards & Celebrations at Harrowgate Hill


At Harrowgate Hill we firmly believe that we should look for every opportunity to reward our children for their achievements, resilience and for being good citizens and good friends.


Here are some of the things we do:


Good to be Green Behaviour Rewards

We really appreciate the many children at HHPS who stay 'Green' all the time.  These children always follow the rules and are always polite and respectful.  To say thank you - each half term the children who have stayed'Green' are given a special reward.  So far this year we have had - a DVD afternoon, a Punch & Judy Show, A Nerf Battle, a children's entertainer.  The children really enjoy these rewards and each half term more and more children stay green showing us how much they look forward to them.


Attendance Awards

Each Friday in our Star assembly, we recognise the best attended class in each phase.  The winning class will get a certificate to put up in their classroom or on their class door.  When they have received 3 certificates, the children earn themselves an extra playtime and if they earn 5 certificates they can earn a special reward.  


Star of the Week 

Each Friday, we celebrate our 'Stars of the Week' in our assemblies.  A child is chosen per class per week as the class star of the week.  They can be chosen for any reason by their teacher but usually it relates to one of our school values. The chosen 'star' comes to the front of the hall and receives a special certificate and sticker and gets to place their 'star' on our 'Star of the Week' board in the hall where it stays for the whole year.   During this assembly we also take the opportunity to celebrate any special out of school achievements our children may have had such as wining medals at football or dance, or learning an instrument.


House Points

All of our children are in one of our school houses (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green House) Siblings are always in the same house.  House points are collected in our special house point collectors each week in classes and counted up each week with the winning house being awarded the House Cup in assembly.  The running total for the year is also recorded on our website. We also hold House Events throughout the year. . Mrs Abbott and Mrs Bowe also have very special Golden house points which are worth '10' points each.  These are awarded for special or extra achievements or for bringing Fascinating Facts :-) 


Special Stickers

Children are encouraged to come and show their good work to Mrs Abbott and Mrs Bowe and we love seeing what work has made them so proud of themselves.  We love giving special shiny stickers to the children - one for their work and one for their jumper. Usually they also go away with a Golden House Point too!