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Rio de Janerio

Welcome to Rio De Janeiro!



My name is Miss Richardson and I am the class teacher for Rio while Mrs Horne is working from home and on maternity leave. We are lucky to have some amazing staff in the Americas corridor to help and support you on your learning journey. 


As part of our Mini Topic this year, we will be exploring the fascinating sights and celebrations of Brazil and the Carnival! Delving in to the Amazon rainforest and exploring the hidden wonders of this amazing country. 

We will also be dipping into other areas of America such as Mexico and Peru (We can't leave Mr Andrews and Mrs Melling out) to gain insight to why the other Year 5 classes are named Peru and Mexico. We'll explore the fascinating world of Machu Picchu and discover the Day of the Dead.    

Rio Class Information and Reminders


PE day

Autumn term -  Tuesday afternoon

Spring Term - Wednesday afternoon  

Summer Term - Tuesday afternoon



English and Maths homework will be given every Friday to be returned the following Thursday. 



Reminder for all children to bring reading books daily and continue using TTRS and MyMaths to support the learning happening in school.



Please ensure you bring a suitable coat, wear suitable shoes and bring a bag and water bottle to school every day.


Summer Term


Well it is our final term together in Year 5 and what a year we have had lets end it on a high and enjoy being back to school together before we all get excited for the summer.


This term we will be looking forward to Year 6 and transitioning into our final year at primary school, studying the Ancient Maya and reading Journey to the River Sea. 

Indian Dance


Today Rio have been learning some Indian Dance moves. We learnt how to create different shapes with our hands (Mantras) including the peacock, turtle and flower and practised a variety of moves. We were then able to put these moves together to create a short routine. We were naturals!   

Spring Term 


Happy New Year Rio!

I hope you’ve had a well-earned break over Christmas and are all rested and ready to go for a new term.


This term we are moving on to a new topic of Invaders and Settlers.

You will explore the fierce Anglo Saxon warriors and the vicious Vikings in spring term.

You will investigate who the Saxons and Vikings were and where they came from, you will identify kingdoms and settlements within the UK and Europe. We will explore war and weaponry of this time and read  the legend of Beowulf.



'Hear and listen well, and I will tell you a tale that has been told for a thousand years and more. It may be an old story, yet it troubles and terrifies us now as much as it did, for we still fear the evil that stalks out there in the darkness and beyond.'

Michael Morpurgo


We will be exploring the use of language to excite the reader and draw us into the story.

Can you make a prediction using the blurb and front cover? What will the story be about? How will it be exciting and engaging? Do you think you will enjoy it, if so why? 

French Day


Bonjour! Today we have been celebrating all things French. 


In year 5, we set up 3 rooms, each with a different French theme to explore. Design Technology - landmarks, Art - impressionism and Music - classic and contemporary musicians. 


We explored the geography of France looking at human and physical features and also recreated the famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower, using only straws and tape. We looked closely at original images of the construction process and considered methods we could use to make a sturdy replica.

Then we learnt about the popular artist movement of impressionism, which was founded by a number of Parisian artist.  

We learnt about its key features and had a go a painting out own piece based on the famous French artist, Monet.


Finally, we explore a variety of French music. We listened to a range of classic musicians such as Charles Trenet and Edith Piaf, listening closely to both the lyrics and the melody. Then we explored some modern musicians such as Papaoutai, discussing the meaning of the lyrics and watched some music videos to gain more of an understanding of the narrative in the songs.

Escape to Crow Castle


We have been very lucky this term to experience the 'Escape Crow Castle' event. This is an amazing event in school which helped us to engage with books and generate a love of reading.


They bring famous books to life by combining live theatre, interactive videos, 3D designed backdrops, props and the original texts to put children right in the centre of both the stories and their own action-packed quest to escape the castle.


The children explored books in different room of the castle. Working together in teams, they found clues to help them journey through the story. They had to read, infer, comprehend, spell, scan, skim and riddle their way to freedom, or face the Crow Queen and her dragons!


World Book Day 2022

This year we all dressed up as an interesting word to celebrate World Book day. As a class we decorated our classroom door to the theme of our class novel, Troofriend by Kirsty Applebaum.  

Well Being Week 21-25 March


This week has been Well-Being Week in school. We have been talking about the importance of looking after our mental health and do participating in some mindful activities. We also dedicated the end of each day to a 'Famous for Five Minuets' session where the children were given the opportunity to show or Tell something interesting about themselves. 

Autumn Term


This term we will be learning all about The Industrial Revolution. This will not only be taught in Topic, but also in our Literacy as we read together 'Street Child' By Birlie Doherty. 




The children have all studied 'Street Child' and thoroughly enjoyed it in English lessons, they learnt about the main character a boy called Jim Jarvis and his extraordinary life. They explored the ups and downs that children of the time went through and saw into how hard life could have been. Rio were able to make comparisons to modern Britain and Britain in the Victorian period. They also found out about a famous man called Barnardo.

Ask your child to tell you Jim’s story and who Barnardo was. 


So far this term, the children have had lots of learning experiences to engage them and enhance their learning. They have explore the history and introduction of the Industrial Revolution and how it affected Britain in Topic lessons. The children have visited the Head of Steam Museum to find out about the local history and how George Stephenson impacted the railways during this time along with an amazing trip to Beamish which was enjoyed by all. 


Here are a few photos