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If you have been doing anything at home that you wish to show off, you can send some writing about it, or a few photos with an explanation to me and I will put them here on the class page for you.


You can send things to and ask it to be forwarded to me. 

When you are talking to our friends or messaging each other, please remind those in our class to be checking our class page and let them know about my email address. Make sure to tell your parents so that they can help you take pictures and send them to me. (as I assume you do not have your own email addresses to use yet) 



8th April 2020: Update 2


Haseyo Mandarin Ducks!

I hope everyone is doing well, eating well, keeping safe and most importantly, enjoying yourselves. 


I have been very busy at home doing all sorts of projects. I wonder what cool and amazing things you have all been getting up to.



At school this week we have been looking at the theme of "Monsters of the Deep"

I wonder what creative and cool things you could do with this topic at home.


  • Perhaps you could plan and write a thrilling story all about being under the sea and finding scary, or friendly sea monsters.
  • Perhaps you could create some beautiful poetry about sea monsters, real or made up.
  • Perhaps you could create a fact file about real sea monsters in our oceans. The goblin shark or blob fish, or even the angler fish would be interesting.
  • Perhaps you could create stunning artwork, a picture, painting or sculpture. Don't have any clay? use mud in the garden! 
  • Perhaps you could create some digital art using a word processor, or a paint program on your PC or Ipad!
  • Perhaps you could make me some sea monster themed maths word problems to try and solve? 
  • Perhaps you could dress up as a monster or create a cool costume.


Remember, send anything you would like me to display to the e-mail address above :) 




Printable Year 4 Home Learning packs & Practical ideas!


Haseyo everyone!


I hope that everyone has been having a lovely relaxing time at home with your families, keeping safe, washing those hands, learning those times tables and running laps around your gardens or bedrooms!


Remember to keep up with your learning while you are away from school. 


I am going to be updating this page with activity ideas and things you can be doing during your time away from the classroom, when you get bored of the 945th game of Fortnite this week, or have put down the 10,000th block in Minecraft and can't bare the thought of digging for one more diamond!


Friday 3rd April 2020: Your challenge for this week is to memorise two of your times tables. Can you learn them off by heart so that you know the answers as soon as anyone calls out the question?

Pick your most challenging times table. You will feel super proud of yourself once you have learnt it :) 


Remember to keep washing those hands, and stay safe everyone!




Welcome to the Mandarin Ducks! (J5)


This Autumn term we will be exploring the theme of Ancient Greece throughout our curriculum subjects. Stay tuned for more!


To start the term, we will be looking at our class mini-topic which is all about South Korea. We will also of course, be looking at the colourful Mandarin Ducks!

The class have worked hard to produce an excellent assembly about their learning over the course of the year so far.


We covered many topics from different curriculum areas, enjoyed some musical performances, watched demonstrations of PE, saw amazing actors playing roles from our English book story, along with learning many interesting facts about different aspects of our education. 


Below are some pictures from this assembly :) 

Some of the non-blurry photos from our class assembly :)

We have had a brilliant time practicing and performing our Year 4 Harvest Festival!


Here are some photos of the Mandarin Ducks celebrating all the food collected for the church food bank :) 

December & Spring Term


We have been enjoying the festivities and our new half term's topic of Unfortunate Events in History.

We enjoyed our Good to be Green reward, the Battle bus!

The children had a fantastic time with the Gospel Choir, learning to sing some songs and how Gospel is different to a normal Choir.

In PE we have been looking at Hockey skills, learning how to control the ball and pass accurately to a team mate or location.

Sometimes, the wildlife comes to the Mandarin Ducks. The children enjoyed seeing a local cat showing off his fancy fur just outside of the classroom window.Can someone think of a nice name for our occasional visitor?



We have enjoyed learning about Judo during a demonstration session, learning some basic moves and developing our fitness. Alfie even defeated the instructor in spectacular fashion! 

Fitness Week!

The class have enjoyed taking part in various activities throughout this week, culminating in an active workout circuit that pushed the limits of their fitness levels. Everyone gave it their all and were proud of their accomplishments!


& A special mention to Izzy for going the extra mile with her push ups, showing everyone how to do it with just one hand!

We posted letters home just before Christmas which was fascinating. We even bumped into the local postman who explained how his role of delivering the letters works.