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My name is Mrs Godfrey and I will be the main class teacher for 6 Hollywood.

I would like to offer a warm welcome to parents, friends and pupils visiting our page to see the amazing journey we will be undertaking together this year.


So, welcome aboard and off we go..... smiley


On Friday we boarded the bus and travelled back in time.  

When we left the weather was grim but by the time we arrived the sun was shining.

Our trip to Eden Camp - 18.10.2019

On Thursday 10.10.2019 Hollywood joined thousands of Primary pupils from across the land in a live lesson on Growth Mindset and Well-being.  We were encouraged to think about all of our emotions and to realise that it is OK to feel sad sometimes.

In addition we learned to change our mindset from negative to positive - all we have to do is add the magic word.... YET!


I can't do it YET!


Sounds more positive than, 'I can't do it.'


Here is Hollywood completing their Healthy Lifestyle Survey.

Here is Hollywood completing their Healthy Lifestyle Survey. 1

  Here is Hollywood Class 2019.  Which one is the 'real them'.  You decide!


Picture 1
Picture 2