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Hi Guys,

Well who would have thought that the only way I could speak to you would be through our Class Page.  I hope you are all well and happy and not driving each other round the bend.  

I think by now that most of you will have completed most, if not all, of the work I set you before you went off.

From now on I will set you some challenges and tasks for you to try at home.  This will mean that you will need to self-study.  A skill that will be most useful as you go on to Secondary school next year. 

As you can see from the attached photo, I am getting lots of help - not all of it useful if I am honest. Well actually none of it useful as I usually end up running after my pens and equipment which apparently make great dog chews - who knew!




Your first challenge is to look at your computer keyboard skills.  I would like you to find out how you should type using BOTH hands and to practice this skill until you can do it. I suggest the BBC Dance mat Typing at BBC Bitesize. 


My name is Mrs Godfrey and I will be the main class teacher for 6 Hollywood.

I would like to offer a warm welcome to parents, friends and pupils visiting our page to see the amazing journey we will be undertaking together this year.


So, welcome aboard and off we go..... smiley


A whole week of sports and activities - what fun!

It was an action packed week of events with something for everybody.

Welcome Back and Happy New Year. 


Goodness 2020 - sounds like the date from a Science  Fiction novel doesn't it!


We started off the term by returning to our class topic, which is America.  This time we got to learn some fascinating facts about the Native Americans and the Pioneers who followed after.  We learned some facts about early American culture and read a story called 'Dreamcatcher'.  Then we had to have a go at designing and making our own.  Finally, we had a lively debate about the rights and wrongs of a physical border wall between the USA and the United Mexican States. 


Designing and making our Dream Catcher

Designing and making our Dream Catcher 1
Designing and making our Dream Catcher 2
Designing and making our Dream Catcher 3

On Friday we boarded the bus and travelled back in time.  

When we left the weather was grim but by the time we arrived the sun was shining.

Our trip to Eden Camp - 18.10.2019

On Thursday 10.10.2019 Hollywood joined thousands of Primary pupils from across the land in a live lesson on Growth Mindset and Well-being.  We were encouraged to think about all of our emotions and to realise that it is OK to feel sad sometimes.

In addition we learned to change our mindset from negative to positive - all we have to do is add the magic word.... YET!


I can't do it YET!


Sounds more positive than, 'I can't do it.'


Here is Hollywood completing their Healthy Lifestyle Survey.

Here is Hollywood completing their Healthy Lifestyle Survey. 1

  Here is Hollywood Class 2019.  Which one is the 'real them'.  You decide!


Picture 1
Picture 2