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Well Hellooooo Hollywood,


Don't hold your breath but it looks like we might be getting closer to a return to school.


Well normally you would be doing SATS this week - but instead you can do some review and extend learning.


This week I am asking you to go on to the Oak Academy website and to complete lessons on fractions, Science, reading and writing. Go to the website below and choose how many of each lesson you feel that you can do.  Remember to only do 1 lesson of each subject each day.


Have Fun!


Here are the pages you should choose from.  

         And your choice of English unit. 


Hey All,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend celebrating VE Day.


You should all get a parentmail login sent to you for Numbots and Times Tables Rockstars.

No need to thank me - just play on Hollywood.

Any login issues then please contact me in school via the admin email or the blog.



Mrs Godfrey



Hi Hollywood Heroes,

Well normally at this time of year we would be in a right old flap getting ready for SATs next week. 


However, we don't have to worry about that right now.  Yay us!  

Soon we will be sending you some information about forthcoming attractions... yes Y6 our year is far from over. 


Miss Thompson has put some links on Facebook for you to pick up to learn our Y6 group dance.  Enjoy!  I know you all like dancing - I have the evidence.   So this week I want you to keep doing some of the maths and English from Miss Thompson's links in the New York page and also to learn the dance for our Hoedown.  


Keep the writing coming - I have been emailed a couple already.  Keeeeep Dancing.



Hi Hollywood,

Another week gone... I hope you are all well and happy.   I am missing you all and can't wait until we are all back.

If you are having any issues with your Blog Login.  Just leave me a comment on the blog I wrote today and I will get back to you.

So.. In order to stop your writing brains rusting shut:


This week Hollywood I would like you to do some writing.  I think you are going to need to be very persuasive.  It might be a good idea to speak with friends and family – remotely of course, to find out their opinion to add as evidence to your writing.


My task is this:

Some people are saying that if this Coronavirus crisis has shown us anything it is that online learning means that we just do not need actual schools any more.  There is no need for children to be dragged out of bed early in the morning, made to wear uniforms, squash into small classrooms with people they don’t know and follow rules made up by teachers.  All the learning you need for your exams can be learned online with just a helpdesk facility to email or facetime if you get stuck.  Others, however, strongly disagree and think that the idea of this is terrible.  Lonely and isolated children will become unhappy and anxious, will not be able to socialise with others, will neglect their learning in favour of X-Box games or You Tube Vloggers and will become unfit and unhealthy.



What do YOU think????


Write me a piece of persuasive writing to explain your point of view.  Remember to give reasons, think up some of your own reasons and argue your points carefully.

You can either upload your writing via your Blog, email it to me at or pop it in the post to:

Mrs Godfrey,

Harrowgate Hill Primary School,

Street West,


Co Durham.


Here are some pieces of support text to help jog your memory about persuasive writing.



WoW! Where does the time go.

I hope you are all keeping busy and thinking about your blogs.  Try to make sure you use good punctuation and grammar - as it is sort of a writing task for this week


Mrs Roberts has asked everybody to try to get on to accelerated Reader and do the quiz.  See what you can do.


Mr Abbott and Miss Thompson have put some fab activities on their class pages - have a go at some of these.  Make sure you choose one maths, one English and a Science activity if you can.


Keep smiling and being kind.


PS: Don't forget to check out the BBC Lessons. 





Right Everyone, time to get on.


Three more weeks of Lockdown.  Too long without some learning.


Everyone has now been sent or given a Blog login. ( Parents were sent them in a Parentmail)


Your task for this week is to log on to your Hollywood blog and write a short description of the learning you have been doing.  This could be schoolwork style learning or home style learning like how to make you own bed, use the washing machine, bake etc...


I would prefer a couple of short paragraphs - you might want to jot down some ideas before you write so that your writing flows.   If you have been doing the tasks I set then your two handed typing should speed up the process!


I will be checking to see how many of you do, and don't respond.




Mrs G


Hi Hollywood,

I hope you are having a lovely Easter lazing about in the sunshine and eating your own bodyweight in Easter Eggs.


Just before we went on Lockdown Mrs Sanderson said that if I planted some Sunflower seeds then they would be ready to plant out by the end of the Lockdown period.  I wondered if she was right so I did plant some seeds.  This is what they look like so far.


Perhaps you could plant some seeds and watch them grow.  Keep a seedling diary too.  


As you can see I had the usual 'help'.




Dear Hollywood Crew,

(Adam, Amelia, Alfie H,  Alfie C,  Carly, Connor, Daisy, Ellie,  Emily W, Emily R, Evie, Evan P, Evan H, Faye, George, Harley, Holly, Jake, Jaspreet, Jayden, Katie, Lexie, Max, Nathan,  Owen, and Sam )


Well here I am, sitting at home after a long and frankly dull day at School.  Dull because there were only a few children in and they had plenty of people to teach them, so I wasn’t needed for that.  Therefore, I sat in the office doing officy sorts of things – yes I know officy isn’t a proper word. And I was bored. I’d rather be teaching long division quite frankly. Actually I quite like teaching long division so that probably isn’t a good example but you see what I mean.


Emily sent me a letter.  While I was grateful, sorry Emily, I couldn’t help but check the spelling, punctuation and grammar and think of ways that Emily could have improved her writing – then I realised that it sort of didn’t matter because I was just glad she had written back to me and I was more interested in what she had been doing than whether her punctuation was accurate.  Which is sort of the point of writing isn’t it?


This Lockdown business looks like it will go on for a bit yet so I have decided that rather than treating it like one long holiday weekend, I will get up earlier and timetable my day a bit better. I will schedule in time to work and time to relax.  I will fit in my 10,000 steps every day. I will eat a healthy diet.  I will read, have screen time and loaf about – but not all day or at any time I want.


I have set you all some work challenges on our class page and Mrs Abbott has set me a work challenge to keep me going too because I asked her for something to keep me busy.  It is nice to have a sense of purpose.

And so, my amazing Superstars, it is over to you now.  Write back to me if you can. Upload your letter on Facebook if you don’t mind everyone reading it – your mum will help with that or email it in to me at and Mrs Kerr or Mrs Cuppitt will pass it along to me.


Don’t forget the Easter Competition with the £10 Amazon voucher prize.


Look out for the class Blog.


Hugs, wash your hands and Stay Safe.

Missing you all.


Mrs Godfrey



Hi All,

If you would like some more mathematics learning to look at.


Also, I challenge you to become super brilliant at the 6, 7, 8 and 12 x tables.


Hi Hollywood Superstars.

Well it is Sunday tea time, the time I usually spend thinking about lesson plans for the next week. 

So I was listening to George Ezra - 'Shotgun' and thinking of you all. (HHPS Disco fave.)

What shall we do next week......... letters.

Oh yeah...



Write me a letter.  Send it to school either snail mail if you have a stamp and I will collect it on Wednesday. (I will be in for the next two Wednesdays for sure) I love real letters. 

Or you can email me at and they will pass it along to me.

Tell me about your adventures in Lockdown so far.  

Missing you all.

Pass the message along when you speak to the rest of the class who don't tune in to our class page.

Especially the Tic Toc Crew. lol.


Mrs G



Hey Hollywood it's TIDY FRIDAY!  


Sad face because you are not here to make a mess in the classroom to need tidying up. Sigh!  And there is no fish and chips for lunch either. 


Still... time for your next Challenge.  Science this time.  (How's the typing going?)


Now this Challenge will need some time and some patience because it always takes a few days for the experiment to begin to work. I had to wait 7 days once before I got my first sight of mould! Another time I tried it, the mould began to grow after only 3 days.  I wonder why this might have been.


Firstly read the document entitled 'Mould'.  I have added some worksheets for you to use if you want.  Perhaps like the children in the image on the mould page, you could make a display and post it on Facebook for us all to see.  I will be most excited to see that. 


Thursday 2.4.2020

Well how are you getting on with the keyboard skills?  I hope you can negotiate with everybody else in your house for some keyboard time if you have to share.  Perhaps you could set up a rota - of course some lucky people have their own computers I know.


Miss Thompson has put some excellent resources on her New York page so I won't do the same as you can share links from any of the Y6 pages - which means you will have a much bigger choice.  Do try to do some maths and some reading and some writing every day.  (Writing could be on a computer don't forget - which will help those touch typing skills.)


I'm in school tomorrow so will add some more ideas to our page.

Stay positive - wash your hands - and tidy up!


Tuesday 31.03.2020

Hi Guys,

Well who would have thought that the only way I could speak to you would be through our Class Page.  I hope you are all well and happy and not driving each other round the bend.  

I think by now that most of you will have completed most, if not all, of the work I set you before you went off.

From now on I will set you some challenges and tasks for you to try at home.  This will mean that you will need to self-study.  A skill that will be most useful as you go on to Secondary school next year. 

As you can see from the attached photo, I am getting lots of help - not all of it useful if I am honest. Well actually none of it useful as I usually end up running after my pens and equipment which apparently make great dog chews - who knew!




Your first challenge is to look at your computer keyboard skills.  I would like you to find out how you should type using BOTH hands and to practice this skill until you can do it. I suggest the BBC Dance mat Typing at BBC Bitesize. 


My name is Mrs Godfrey and I will be the main class teacher for 6 Hollywood.

I would like to offer a warm welcome to parents, friends and pupils visiting our page to see the amazing journey we will be undertaking together this year.


So, welcome aboard and off we go..... smiley


A whole week of sports and activities - what fun!

It was an action packed week of events with something for everybody.

Welcome Back and Happy New Year. 


Goodness 2020 - sounds like the date from a Science  Fiction novel doesn't it!


We started off the term by returning to our class topic, which is America.  This time we got to learn some fascinating facts about the Native Americans and the Pioneers who followed after.  We learned some facts about early American culture and read a story called 'Dreamcatcher'.  Then we had to have a go at designing and making our own.  Finally, we had a lively debate about the rights and wrongs of a physical border wall between the USA and the United Mexican States. 


Designing and making our Dream Catcher

On Friday we boarded the bus and travelled back in time.  

When we left the weather was grim but by the time we arrived the sun was shining.

Our trip to Eden Camp - 18.10.2019

On Thursday 10.10.2019 Hollywood joined thousands of Primary pupils from across the land in a live lesson on Growth Mindset and Well-being.  We were encouraged to think about all of our emotions and to realise that it is OK to feel sad sometimes.

In addition we learned to change our mindset from negative to positive - all we have to do is add the magic word.... YET!


I can't do it YET!


Sounds more positive than, 'I can't do it.'


Here is Hollywood completing their Healthy Lifestyle Survey.

  Here is Hollywood Class 2019.  Which one is the 'real them'.  You decide!