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Summer Term Focus Ideas

In Nursery, we spend the majority of our day learning through our play, but we also have short adult led focuses each day too. These can be done alongside the daily tasks outlined on the main Nursery Home Learning Page, but not all in one go!

Wednesday 05.05.2021


Listen! What do you hear?


Today we would like you to use your listening ears! If you can, go out into the garden and just listen to the sounds you can hear. Can you identify what is making that noise? Perhaps you can hear chirping, or maybe barking – what could be making that sound?


Maybe you can hear traffic – can you tell if it is a car, lorry, motorbike or emergency vehicle?


If you can’t get outside, you can still do this inside. Make sure to turn off the TV or radio, to make it a little easier to hear sounds you might sometimes miss. For example. As I sit in my quiet living room at the moment, I can hear the boiler (because I’m very cold and have had to put my heating on!), I can hear my fridge whirring, I can hear the kettle boiling, I can hear the tapping of my keyboard and my automatic air freshener keeps squirting. I can also hear some sounds outside – there are some birds chirping, cars drive past my house every now and then and the refuse collectors have just been to empty the bins on my street!


What sounds can you hear that you might sometimes miss, and can you identify them?

If it’s a new sound, can you use your listening ears to find where it could be coming from?

Perhaps you could make a story about the sounds you hear - where are the vehicles going/what are the animals doing and so on

Tuesday 04.05.2021


Number Detectives!


Can you be a Number Detective? Go on a number hunt around your house, and see how many numbers you can find.

You might spot them on a clock, the microwave, the TV remote, a phone, in a magazine, even on you own front door... the possibilities are endless!


When you find a number, can you name it and represent it using your fingers, do that many jumps or claps? You might even be able to write the number you find.


Don’t forget to take photos of the work you do, and show us them on the Class Blog!

Friday 30.04.2021


This week in Nursery, we have talked about changes. We have read about the life cycle of a duck – from egg to adult. Can you remember what happens? Why not tell your grown-ups at home? Maybe you can teach them something new!


We started to look at your baby photo’s this week too (thank you for sending those in!) and have talked about the obvious changes we can see have happened, as well as noticing the things we can do now that we couldn’t as a baby.

Continuing on from this, we would like you to have a look through some old family photographs and talk about what changes have happened since that photo.


Ask questions like “Who is in the picture?”; “Where was the picture taken?” and; “What were we doing at this time?”; and encourage your child to ask their own questions too.


This is a lovely chance to take a trip down memory lane, but also to develop your child’s communication and language skills. Remember to encourage correct speech by repeating what they said correctly, and asking them to copy smiley