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Please note, as from Monday June 1st year 1 Home Learning packs can be found in:

Children - Home Learning - Year 1 

Learning Pack 8

Learning Pack 7

Learning Pack 6

Third week back after Easter - Learning Pack 5

Online phonics lessons for Letters and Sounds


The DfE have made online phonics lessons available for parents. A new lesson will be available to access daily from Monday to Friday at the times allocated below.



11 am*


Learning to blend

Phase 2 recap

For children in Reception and Year 1 who need extra practice sounding and reading words such as ‘tap’ ‘cap’ ‘mat’ ‘pat’



10 am*


Reception Summer term

Phases 3 & 4

For Reception children who can blend and read words such as ‘fish’ ‘chat’ and ‘rain’



10:30 am*


Year 1 Summer term

Phase 5

For Year 1 children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘stamp’ ‘chair’ and ‘green’


The online lessons are designed to cover new phonics teaching that that children would have received over the summer term had they been in school.

Second week back after Easter - Learning Pack 4

Learning Pack 3 - Week Commencing 20.4.20

Hello, I'm Miss Brown!


I am now proud to be the class teacher in Year 1 - Koala Class. In Koala class we are all kind, caring and polite. Keep an eye on our class page to see what we're getting up to!


LEARNING PACK TWO - Please click here for Year 1 Learning Pack Two


A Message from Miss Brown

Good afternoon Koalas, how's your Tuesday been so far?


Today I completed the Joe Wicks PE lesson for the second day in a row. I'm struggling to walk now! Have you been joining in with it?


Ordinarily we would be getting into our PE kits right about now for some outdoor PE to finish our day. If you can, why don't you practice throwing and catching with someone at home? How many times can you throw and catch the ball without dropping it?


It seems like forever since we did a maths lesson. How have you been getting on with the sheets we sent home? They had a mixture of things that we have already covered this year. If you want to continue learning and look at some new maths with your grownups, head to Home Learning at White Rose Maths -

They have fantastic resources for you to use that will keep your maths skills  up to date each day!


The weather has been unusual recently hasn't it? Last week I sat in the garden enjoying beautiful hot sunshine but when I woke up on Sunday it was snowing! Can you remember what we learnt about Winter and Spring in science?


Perhaps you can keep a daily record of the weather over the next couple of weeks to see how it changes. 

Is it hot and sunny? Cold and rainy? Dry and warm? Are the leaves on the trees starting to appear yet? What kind of plants and flowers can you see? How does this change from each day and each week? If your grownups have fancy phones, they could even find the temperature for you to record each day! 


I hope this gives you something to keep busy with for now! 


Have fun Koalas, speak soon, Miss Brown x 


A Message from Miss Brown

Good morning Koalas! 


I hope you have enjoyed your first week at home, it's been unusual for me not to see your smiling faces every day! 

In case you're beginning to run out of things to do, here are some fresh ideas for you to try at home:


  • You become the teacher! Just as I would normally do, sit your grownups down and run them through your daily schedule, write it on a piece of paper like I normally do on the board, then you can tick each job off as you do it! Don't forget that Friday is Golden Time. (As long as your grownups have stayed green, you could let them have some Golden Time!) 
  • Keep on perfecting that beautiful handwriting by practising your letter formation - here is a good link to use to remind you of the formation. 
  • Learn a new song! At school we had begun to learn 'When I Grow Up' from Matilda the musical. Maybe you could finish learning this song or maybe you could pick a song that you love and learn it together with your family.
  • Phonics - make your own alien words using the phonic sounds that you already know! Test your grownups and your siblings. You could create an entire alien language! 
  • Jigsaw Jack - Jigsaw Jack is missing all of you lovely Koalas. Jigsaw Jack would love it if you could think about things that you can do to make yourself feel better when you feel down. Maybe you could write a list, or draw a picture? Jigsaw Jack will be waiting to hear all of your fantastic ideas when you return to school. 


Stay safe Koalas and I'll catch up with you soon. 


 Miss Brown x



Dear Parents,


Your child has taken home a  learning pack today which consists of a Maths and an English booklet for their relevant Year Group as well as an exercise book with a project based task. The packs will support what we have already taught this year.


Please do not start these packs (unless your child is self-isolating). These packs have been prepared in the event that schools are nationally closed as a result of Government recommendations. 


These packs will not be marked as passing them all back into school increases potential infection, they are designed to support student study at home.



Additional Learning Activities could include:

  • Frequent reading (1:1 or as a family)
  • Oliver Jeffers (The Author of ‘Lost & Found’) is reading one of his texts, daily at 6pm (on his Instagram Account)
  • Baking (links to weighing and measuring)
  • Playing board/ card games
  • Making play dough
  • Playing with/ sorting money, writing a shopping list (you could research prices online)
  • Easter crafts – Easter bonnets, decorating eggs etc
  • Teach children how to tie shoe laces
  • Den Building
  • Make crafts (cards, puppets, musical instruments)
  • Look through old photographs and talk about them together
  • Make a phone call to a loved one
  • Write a letter for a neighbour

Please find below the learning from home documents that were issued to Year 1 children.

At the start of the year, we looked carefully at the world around us to see signs of Autumn.

We visited St Marks Church to learn all about Christianity

In maths we have been looking at methods for subtracting using lots of different manipulatives to help us!

We followed instructions on how to catch and alien, then wrote our own! (We used to pants to entice them in, because ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS!)

During Australasia week, the first week back after Christmas, we made didgeridoos!

This term in Koala class we are learning about TOYS!

Old toys, new toys, our favourite toys and famous toys! 

Ask us what happened to the teddy Dogger, in the classic story written by Shirley Hughes.

We will show you how to use an aerial view map to find toys that have been lost! 

Talk to us about Toys in Space, and find out about the Hoctopize...

We can tell you what our favourite toys are, and the materials that are used to make them.

We know about some toys from different continents too!

Keep watching our class page for the arrival of our very own toys that we have designed and made all by ourselves! 



Our topic this term is TOYS! To celebrate, our first piece of writing was all about our own toys!

We have been using maps of the school to find hidden toys!