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Year 3 - India


Welcome to India class!

We are hard working, kind and caring class of Year 3 children who love to learn.

Our teacher is Miss Stephenson!


In art, we have been learning about cave art! Did you know that in the Stone Age, people used symbols to tell stories and leave messages? These were then painted onto the walls of caves or onto pieces of wood for others to see!




In October, Year 3 took part in a Stone Age Experience day! It was fantastic! We learned 3 different ways that fire could be made, built our own shelters (they were tested against strong winds!) as well as making and tasting some Ancient Bread. We even got to see lots of artefacts that would have been used thousands of years ago!



DT - Pneumatic Toys


Today we started a new topic in DT, pneumatic toys!

Children learnt about what pneumatics are and things that have a pneumatic system. We tested out the system by first putting together a box, making a hole and piercing a tube with a balloon at the end inside the box. We took deep breaths and tried to blow up the balloon to the point the box lid popped open. 


Here are some photos from this fun activity!