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Reception- Artic Foxes

Welcome to Arctic Foxes! 

Sports Day

A Trip to the Park!

Sports Week!

Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Vegetable Faces

Our Journey to the Jungle

We learnt all about the Jungle; where it is located, what it was like, which animals live there and who has been exploring there. 

We learnt lots!

We made story maps from the story 'Monkey Puzzle'. 

We learnt about Henri Rousseau and copied some of his artwork, by creating a background from collage materials before creating an animal to put in our jungle scene and hiding it with more material. 

Polar Regions 

We learnt all about the Polar Regions, the Arctic and the Antarctic. We started our journey by looking at where they were on Earth and talking about explorers that have been there.


We learnt about the different animals that live there and sorted them into groups based on whether they lived in the North Pole or the South Pole. 

We made transient art pictures using a range of materials. 



We have been exploring ice and conducting experiments!  

Fire Engine Visit

On Monday the Fire Engine visited us. Fire Fighters came to talk to us about how they keep us all safe. They showed us some of the equipment they use. They even let us inside the Fire Engine. After they let us put out some pretend fires using the hose! 

Christmas Performance

We took part in our Christmas Performance this week. 

We dressed up in our snowmen costumes, got on the stage, sung our hearts out and told everyone what we wanted for Christmas. 

We delivered an amazing performance! 


This week we have been learning about our home town, Darlington.

We used Google Earth to find it, before talking about different places to go and see in our town. 

We looked at places in Darlington that we might have been before. 

The Dolphin Centre, McDonalds, The Cornmill Centre, North Park and ASDA. 

We were very excited to share our experiences of all of those places. 

We then made models and role played our experiences of Darlington. 


This week we have been exploring Autumn. 

We have read 'Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert. 

We enjoyed talking about the story and we believed there could be Leaf Man outside! 

We went on an Autumn walk to check.

Whilst we were outside we thought we should collect some Autumn leaves to make our very own Leaf Man pictures. 

This week we have been exploring the different areas in our classroom...