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Bengal Tigers

Welcome to Bengal Tigers!


We are a class of 26 kind, friendly, imaginative, hard working, curious children who love to learn! Mrs Sanderson is our class teacher!


 Keep checking our page to see exactly what we have been learning during our time in Year 3! We can't wait to show you what we have been doing!

On Friday 17th June, the children and staff of Harrowgate Hill took part in 'The Race for Life'. In order to make sure we ran 3km we had to run 12 laps of our school field! We all got a medal to celebrate our participation and raised money for an excellent charity.



In maths, we have been learning how to multiply and divide. We found this tricky to begin with but we learnt how to use the base 10 to help us with our calculations, which made us much more successful. We are now beginning to use pictorial representations to help us solve our calculations as well as practical resources.






Our Harrowgate Hill family celebrated the platinum Jubilee 2022 together. We had a HUGE lunch together on the MUGA where we invited The Mayor, Councellors and Governors to join us. We also planted a beautiful tree.





On Wednesday 25th May, Bengal Tigers had the opportunity to work with an 'Indian Dance Guru'. They learnt how the dances tell stories before learning some of the more common movements. They were even able to dance along to music to tell a story of their own!




Bengal Tigers Indian Dancing

Still image for this video


In PE this term we are working on our agility and static balance. We have been working hard on learning a range of skills so that we are able to put them together in a sequence so that they flow. Here are some of the skills that we have been practising.

Quick off the Mark

Still image for this video

Quick off the Mark

Still image for this video

In Science we have been learning about pollination and fertilisation. Once we understood that fertilisation is when the pollen and ovule join together to form the seeds and the petals die to become the fruit as the ovary grows we created some observational drawings of some fruits that we classified.





Friday 18th March was Red Nose Day! Our theme here at Harrowgate Hill was 'The Wild Bunch'.

The children, and staff, made a huge effort to 'dress up'. The children in Bengal Tigers did lots of activities based around Comic Relief and learnt about how the money raised, is spent, when we had Star assembly.



In maths we have been learning how to solve calculations using column addition and subtraction. We began with 2 digit numbers before moving onto 3 digit numbers. We used Base 10 and Place Value counters and grids to help us to solve the calculations practically.


'Using place value makes working out the calculations so easy!' - Amelia




On Thursday 10th March Bengal Tigers had the opportunity to take part in a Yoga taster session.





On Thursday 3rd March, Bengal Tigers celebrated Worlds Book Day. We began our day with a class photograph and an assembly which was all about interesting words.



We all came dressed as a word, and these were put into a phase dictionary. Check out the school library to see the whole dictionary but here are some examples!






On Wednesday 16th February the children in Asia phase got the chance to take part in an escape room!

'I have been looking forward to this all week!' - Zachary



There were 8 different stations, based on books (these are the favourite books of the Queen of Crow Castle!)

At each station we had to solve a clue, using the book to find the 4 letter word that unlocked the lock.





'My favourite task was the one with the witch - Skellig' - Nevaeh


'My favourite part was when you had to solve the clues to open the boxes' - Nathan



This term we have been learning about the different parts of a plant and their role in keeping a plant healthy. First we learnt the different parts before looking at a real plant and identifying the individual parts.



'Look, there's the ovary, you can see where the ovules are stored' - Fraser



On Friday 11th February, we had the opportunity to join a webinar with Adam Hills. Most of us knew him as a comedian as we had seen him on the TV, but he has written his own book! 'Rock Star Detectives'. We have loved listening to Adam  talk about his book and the reason he chose his characters and plot. We are now reading the story as our class novel!



Adam asked us to create our own Rock Star posters, here are a few of ours!




Friday 28th January was French Day! We came to school dressed in Red, White or Blue (colours of the French flag). We learnt some basic vocabulary (numbers and greetings). We then looked at artwork from a variety of artists who had produced an image of The Eiffel Tower. We sketched the Eiffel Tower and then coloured it, adding tone and texture.








On Friday 28th January, Darlington MP Peter Gibson came to visit Harrowgate Hill Primary School. We invited him to meet Year 3 and discuss how the country is ruled - one of our History objectives this term. And, who better to tell us about UK Parliament than our very own representative. After a tour of the school Peter met Year 3 and asked them to sit as if they were in the House of Commons. He taught us how to 'bob' which is how MPs tell The Speaker that they have a question to ask on a Wednesday at Prime Ministers Questions. He answered LOTS of questions and told us a lot about Parliament and how MPs are elected.






Today, in Maths,  we investigated perimeter of objects within the classroom using metres and centimetres. We used a ruler, meter stick and trundle wheel.





Bengal Tigers would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Welcome back for a new term, bringing with it new learning!



We begin our term with our mini topic! In Spring we have been learning about India (where Bengal Tigers come from). We are creating a leaflet all about India, so we looked at Indian animals, the landscape and rivers of India as well as some Mehndi art!


Bengal Tigers used a map of India to locate the physical features of the country - The Himalayas, The Ganges, The Gangetic plains and the Indian Desert. We looked at what they looked like, how big they were and their advantages and disadvantages.




We looked at the different animals that can be found in India. We grouped them in different ways! Here's what we came up with!



We looked at a range of Mehndi art. We even had a go at producing some of our own designs!




This week is 'craft week'! In the lead up to Christmas we have a whole school Fayre (unfortunately this has been a catalogue form of ordering this year due to Covid!). Bengal Tigers wanted to create something that they would be able to sell to their friends and family so that we could make a profit!


We chose to make Christmas Chutney and Mince Pies! Here is how we did it!








'As we stirred the ingredients over the heat it got thicker!'

'I have NEVER cut an onion before!'


Then we began our mince pies! This was so much fun! We were covered in flour, but we learned how to make our own pastry, roll it out evenly and measure cutters so that the shape would fit in the tin!





Meet the Author!


On Friday 26th November, we had a whole school assembly where we got the chance to meet Samantha Giles. You may know her better as Bernice in Emmerdale! Samantha is a children’s author, who has written magical novels based around a childhood dream. She explained what her stories were all about and read us a chapter of her book. We were gripped! There was even some time to ask her some questions about her writing career



On Friday 19th November, the Children of Harrowgate Hill Primary School demonstrated their support for Children in Need. They came to school in their own clothes (or Pudsey themed), donating £1 each. They also learnt about the charity and the work that it carries out.





On Friday 12th November we had a whole school 'wellbeing breakfast'. We were able to choose from, chocolate pancakes, plain pancakes, croissants, pan au chocolat or banana with a drinks choice of hot chocolate, milk or water.




'It was lovely to be able to sit together and have breakfast as a class! We never get to do this!'

'I loved the choice of food that we had'

In English we have been reading 'Stone Age Boy'. We have loved learning about the little boy and his journey back to the Stone Age. We wrote a setting description while we imagined what it might have been like had we travelled there ourselves.




We used freeze frames to show what the family of Om might have been thinking and feeling when she brought the boy to visit. Why was he wearing glasses? What were those clothes?



Real Life Science!

In Science, we have been learning about how fossils help us to build a picture of the past. We were lucky enough to participate in a Zoom call with an actual paleontologist in South Africa! We saw actual fossils that he had found (and were shocked at the size of some of them!). We also discussed the different types of fossils and how they are formed over millions of years! 



In topic, we began our learning by investigating some artefacts that had been delivered to our classroom. We had lots of questions about them and began to discuss what we thought that they may be made from as well as how they may have been used.




Mini Topic - India

In the first two weeks of term we have spent some time learning about our class country, India. This is where a Bengal Tiger lives. First we began by discussing what we already know and what we'd like to know about India.


In English, we explored traditional tales from the UK.



'We're reading the same tale, but the stories are still slightly different' - Amelia


Then, we explored some traditional tales from India before planning and writing our very own!