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Fun Friday

🎨Fun Friday!🖌️


The only limit is your imagination!



Make your own Glitter/Galaxy Sensory Bottle!


We love to watch the glittery, swirly, calming bottle that Mrs Colman keeps on her desk!


Sometimes, we watch it when we need to take a minute to calm ourselves down, but sometimes we just like to shake it up as much as we can and watch the glitter swirl around!


Miss Bailey thought she would share the instructions for how to make your own!

It’s linked just below, and there is a copy of the instructions in the Resource Pack collected from school on Monday.


You can put anything you like inside – there is glitter in the ones in Nursery, but you can put small buttons in, shells you might have found at the beach, jewels or sequins, small toys; like dinosaurs, for example. If it fits in the bottle or jar you decide to use, it will probably work!


I hope you have fun making your sensory bottle!


We would love to see what you make – don’t forget to upload your pictures to the Class Blog!



If you need more ideas for calming down - check out the ideas in the Zen Zone!

Glitter/Galaxy Bottle Instructions

Sensory Bottle.mp4

Still image for this video
This is the glitter sensory bottle made by Miss Bailey!
I wonder if you can make one like this (or one that's even better!)



On Monday, we heard the story of The Rainbow Fish, with his beautiful shiny scales.


Can you create your own version of the Rainbow Fish?


Think about things you might like to share with others, as you create your Rainbow Fish.

I have included some templates you could print to use (There are also some in the Home Learning Pack, which can be collected from school).

 Of course, if you’re feeling particularly creative, have a go at drawing your own!


What can you include to make the super shiny scales?


You might want to have a go at collage, using some things you have around the house (I find that sweetie wrappers are great for adding colour and texture to a collage!)


Maybe you can have a go at painting your Rainbow Fish, mixing the colours and exploring what happens to them.


While you create your Rainbow Fish, think about all of the ways you can share and be kind, and think about how it can make people feel.


The only limit is your imagination!

Rainbow Fish Colouring Sheet


 We love Playdough! 


In Nursery, we love playing with playdough – but we like making our own even more!

We even have our very own Perfect Playdough Recipe, that we use to make our own.

I will share it below, but please be very careful and only make it with grown-up help. It can be very hot!


(If you have your own playdough at home you can use that too – of course!)


Once you have your playdough, have a think about what you can make with it.

Can you make the characters of one of your favourite stories?

What about a model of something you can see in your house or garden?

Maybe you can make a scary monster!


Don’t forget to take a picture and tell us about your creation on the Class Blog page!

Perfect Playdough


We LOVE being creative (and getting messy!), so I thought I would set you a little challenge.


Have a go at some finger painting. What can you make using just your finger-prints (and maybe a pencil too!)


Here, the finger-prints have been made into insects and mini beasts, but can you make something different?


I would love to see what you come up with – why not share a picture of your masterpiece on the Class Blog!