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Year 1 – Platypus

Welcome to our class page

Key Stage 1 came together for a Christmas party! We had lots of fun in our classrooms playing Christmas bingo, pass the parcel and just dance before going along to the hall for lots of dancing, singing and more games! We finished off our day with some party snacks.
We all had lots of fun and looked amazing in our party clothes!

We were all superstars and performed our Christingle to an audience! We sang, we danced and we taught everyone about the importance of a Christingle to Christians. We then had the opportunity to make our very own Christingle with an adult to take home.  

We have been working on Sketch pad in Computing this half term. Using the tools we have even made scenes from 'The Three Little Pigs' story. We used the fill tool for the background and moved and resized the stamp tools for the characters etc.

We listened to some music called ‘La Mer’ by a composer called Debussy. ‘La Mer is French for ‘the sea’. Using large wavy lines, we created our own sea pictures in groups on large pieces of paper. We drew while listening to the music.

In Geography this half term we have been learning about where we live. We know the town we live in is called Darlington and the country we live in is England. We have also been learning about maps and what they are used for. We used classroom objects to make 'messy maps' of our own classrooms.

We also used Sketchpad to draw different shapes and layer them one on top of the other.

This half term in Science we have been learning about Seasonal Changes. We started the topic by making seasons branches. Each group had a season and a branch. We drew pictures of weather and activities for our selected seasons and hung them with string from the branches.

This half term we have been studying Dance in PE. We have used different ways of travelling including side-stepping, zig-zagging and galloping. Also, we have made high and low shapes. Finally we worked with a partner to connect our shapes and travelling to form a short dance routine.

In Autumn 1, our topic was 'All About Me'. We made family trees for our own families. First we painted our trees on large pieces of paper and then we drew our family members on small of paper. The older members of our familes were stuck in the higher parts of the tree and the younger ones towards the bottom of the trees.

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Year 1 Curriculum Snapshot