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Parenting Support - Early Years

Parenting is often called 'The hardest job in the world' and that can be very true at times. It is of course very rewarding but that is not to say that at times it can be challenging and this is where we are here to help. This section of the website is somewhere you can hopefully find some little gems of information or places to turn to if you need some support with parenting and raising your young children. We are of course always available to talk to at school at any time, please speak to your child's class teacher or e-mail and they can forward your message to the teacher. Teachers may be able to help you themselves or may put you in touch with another member of staff who could help you better. Please always ask for help rather than worry about things at home - we have honestly heard most things before and no question is to small or silly to ask, even though it may feel it.


Keep scrolling below to find some general parenting websites and some links for specific advice and support around some key areas - talking, behaviour, mental health, healthy eating, bedtimes and sleep, toileting and dummies.


If you need parenting support you can also contact the 'Growing Healthy Darlington' team who are there to support all local parents and carers. They can provide support from a variety of local children's services in our area. They can be contacted on 03000 030013 and have a website with more information a:



Here are a few websites for general parenting support for 0-5 year olds:

This website links to an APP you can access on various devices: