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Mandarin Ducks


Haseyo (Hello) and Welcome to the Mandarin Ducks!


We have had a fantastic start to the year, with an Autumn term filled with all kinds of excitement and wonder.


We started the term looking at our class topic for the year, which is South Korea. Our class name comes from the ducks that play a vital role in the culture and traditions of the country. We made mosaics, traditional fans and artwork. We researched the key cities and locations around Korea. We learnt to write our names, along with some basic phrases for hello and goodbye. (If you see a Mandarin walking around school, try saying HA-SE-YO to them)

Picture 1

Our topic for this half term was the Ancient Greeks. We have had a fantastic time learning all about life in ancient times, along with many of the key Myths and Legends that came of this turbulent time. The children were amazed at our visitor, taken directly from ancient Greece itself to show off their way of life. We enjoyed writing adventure stories and some brilliant persuasive writing about the Ancient Olympics.


We have created a display full of fantastic and well created artwork, writing and crafts from everyone in the class who has brought in creations from home.


We enjoyed taking part in our own Ancient Greek Olympic event, complete with Loral Wreath award ceremony!

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Picture 2

Christmas Fayre


The Mandarin Ducks had a BRRRRRRilliant time discussing ideas, deciding what would work, researching materials and building the products to sell during the fayre. The children worked incredibly hard to complete as many items for sale as possible. We created plushie snowmen, Christmas cards, bookmarks and snowglobes.

(We created melted snowmen biscuits too, but munched them down before the fayre!)


We raised money for the school but most importantly, had a great time doing so!

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