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Polar Bears

Welcome to Polar Bears!


We are nursery! Our day consists of a balance between child-led play and adult-led focus activities. We love learning and exploring through play following our own interests so our activites are active, engaging and, most of all, FUN!


In Polar Bears, we are split into three key worker groups - Snowy Owls, Huskies and Reindeer. We use these groups for register time and circle time activities to ensure teaching is focused to our needs.


This term, we have been very busy! From settling in and familiarising ourselves to the rules and routines of nursery back in September right up to the craziness of Christmas now! We have all made progress in a range of different areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the teachers are very proud!


We complete daily phase 1 phonic sessions, these are really important in giving us the foundation listening and attention skills needed to progress onto more formal phonics as the year progresses. We are now up to aspect 3 of phase 1 phonics. We have practising our awareness of sounds around us (in nursery, around school and outside) and describing the types of sounds we can hear, we have explored the different sounds which can be made by musical instruments and learnt the names of the musical instruments we have used and we have explored the various sounds our bodies can make and how these can be changed.


Alongside this, we complete a daily pre-writing activity called 'Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle'. This requires us to make large movements to music using our flipper-flappers (pieces of material in each hand) and then repeating this movement with a pen in each hand on paper. This will improve our gross and fine motor movements, exercising our shoulder, elbow and then wrist joint, as well as us familiarising ourselves with the marks needed for writing. We have completed the 'up and down' movement and are now onto the 'circle' movement.


We have also been exploring numicon to help our number recognition and rote counting as well as practising our health and self-care skills through weekly baking!


Just when you didn't think we could fit anything else in, we have been super busy following our own interests through play!


In Autumn 2 we have been:

  • Learning about Bonfire night, the sounds we could hear and how to stay safe with a special visit from the Darlington Fire Service.
  • Learning about how people can help us and how we can help people with the help of Pudsey the bear.
  • Learning about weddings and celebrations following and interest in 'getting married'.
  • Moving onto the Christmas story and all the excitement of Christmas!


Please come back soon to see what else we have been getting up to!