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VE day 2020

On the 8th May, we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE Day). Usually, we would celebrate this with a street party or fun event at school however lockdown makes this a little bit tricky! So that you don’t miss out on this, we have popped up some ideas of how you could celebrate VE Day in your home and some of the home learning you could do leading up to this.


Don’t forget to wear your red, white and blue outfits, and join in the 2 minute silence at 11am. This will be followed by joining our nation to raise a glass and toast our heroes at 3pm.


Home Learning Activities

If you need ideas for home learning, here are some of our suggestions:



Can you write a diary or a letter from the point of view of a soldier finding out the war had ended?

                                           Or maybe you're an guest at a street party back in 1945!



  • Be a journalist and write a newspaper report about the end of the war


  • Write a poem about VE Day. This could be as a simple haiku or acrostic, or if you're up for the challenge try your hand at a rhyming couplet.


  • If you’re baking, why not put those Maths skills to the test and practise those measuring skills!


  • Try your hand at some Morse code!
  • Create a piece of art to display in your window i.e. mosaic, a sketch, a sculpture, silhouette
  • Make your own 3D spitfire just like the one you might have witnessed in war time
  • Design a medal fit for a brave soldier
  • Create a postcard telling somebody all about your VE Day celebrations
  • Try your hand at some VE Day dance workouts or learn some wartime songs!

Stay at Home Street Party

Are you having a Stay at Home street party? We’ve gathered together the best of the internet so that you can throw the most amazing party without having to leave your house!


Why not decorate your house with bunting? If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry. You can make your own banner or flag using A4 paper or draw your own VE pictures and display them in your window.

No party is complete without party food!


English Heritage have put together some great 1945 recipes for you to try. Homemade lemonade anybody?!


Or give these a go:

You could also decorate some cupcakes or biscuits. We love these ideas:


Grown-ups, why don’t you get the kids to make the sandwiches? Get them practising those life skills!