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Here at Harrowgate Hill Primary School, we love to celebrate the progress of our skills throughout our time at school. This is a photograph taken of our Art display in the school corridor which showcases our progression in skills from Early Years to Year 6. 


Drawing is a natural process for all children. As you can see from our Early Years and KS1 drawings, we begin by experimenting with drawing tools and making marks on paper, and as we grow, these marks start taking on meaning. 

During the early years, it is important to focus on the process of creative drawing, and not on the product. 

By 4 years of age, patterns start emerging in our drawings. We will make a pattern and interpret it as a representation of something, giving it a label.

When we are 4-year-old our drawing of a person will progress from a head with legs to include details such as eyes, since eye contact is important to us. We draw not what we see, but what we know, and we will add details as they become important to us. By the age of five, many children begin to add many details such as hair, hands and fingers, feet and a body.

As we continue to progress through school and  develop our skills, we experiment with lines of varying thickness. We may use dots and lines to demonstrate pattern and texture, experimenting with different materials to draw, for example pastels, chalk, felt tips is important. We will experiment with showing line, tone and texture with different hardness of pencils.

We may use shading to show light and shadow effects. We begin to show an awareness of space when drawing. In the KS2 pictures you can see that children eventually  begin to use a variety of techniques to add effects, e.g. shadows, reflection, hatching and cross-hatching.


The children have been working hard in Autumn term on up-levelling a range of skills across the school, here's a sneak peak at what we've been working on...


Our Music lessons are fantastic. We love listening to a range of artists and genres from across the ages. At Harrowgate Hill, we have taken part in lessons such as writing our own music for a video game, writing songs about life in the Stone Age and even creating soundscapes of what it might be like when we step into our paintings! We particularly enjoy the lessons where we can use our fabulous variety of musical instruments. We learn how to use the correctly and treat them with respect.


This year, we are looking forward to learning songs from a diverse set of artists in our assemblies. 


Take a look below at some of our lovely lessons. 

The Arts at our school means providing our pupils not only with the opportunity to learn about and participate in each of these areas, but also providing them with the platform from which to be creative, to express themselves, find success and share these experiences, talents and abilities through performance.


We are passionate about developing and promoting the Arts through an enjoyable, creative and cross curricular approach. As well as focussed high quality teaching of the National Curriculum Programmes of Study in classes, we enrich our children’s learning and experiences of the Arts through a range of school time and after school specialist club opportunities.


Harrowgate Hill are committed to providing all children with the opportunities to engage and succeed in the Arts and continue to develop our teaching in a more holistic manner though performing arts opportunities and creative curriculum planning.