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Primary Science Quality Mark


In July 2020, Harrowgate Hill Primary School achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark. The Primary School Quality Mark programme ensures effective leadership of science, enables schools to work together to share good practice and is supported by professional development led by local experts. It encourages teacher autonomy and innovation while at the same time offering a clear framework for development in science subject leadership, teaching and learning. Schools that achieve PSQM demonstrate commitment and expertise in science leadership, teaching and learning and here at Harrowgate Hill, that is exactly what we did and we can't wait to continue our journey!

At Harrowgate Hill Primary School we want our children to be inquisitive about the world around them and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena and we achieve this through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Through building upon key knowledge and concepts, children are taught essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science and are encouraged to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave and analyse causes.


Whether children are in KS1 or KS2, here at Harrowgate Hill Primary School, we ensure children are provided with the opportunity to take part in science on a weekly basis, with lessons lasting around two hours typically. Within these lessons, children are encouraged to think and work scientifically through a variety of practical enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them. 


However, it doesn't just stop there... For those budding scientists out there, we also offer an after-school club to both KS1 and KS2 children; an opportunity for them to conduct enquiries which allows them to look closely at the natural and humanly-constructed world around them. 


Our Science Curriculum!


 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 1







Seasons & MaterialsSeasons & MaterialsSeasons, Plants and Flowers & The Human BodySeasons, Plants and Flowers & The Human Body
Year 2MaterialsMaterialsAnimals including HumansAnimals including HumansPlantsHabitats
Year 3RocksAmazing BodiesPlantsPlantsLightForces and Magnets
Year 4The Digestive SystemClassification and Food ChainsElectricity and SustainabilitySoundStates of MatterStates of Matter
Year 5ForcesMaterials and their PropertiesMaterials and their PropertiesLife CyclesEarth and SpaceEarth and Space
Year 6ElectricityLightThe Circulatory SystemLiving Things and their HabitatsEvolution and InheritanceEvolution and Inheritance



Science Principles


At Harrowgate Hill Primary School, we ensure every lesson is tailored around our principles and that the children are aware which principle they are working towards.


Take a look below:


S is for subject-specific vocabulary.

C is for collaborative or independent learning.

I is for investigating science linked to real world contexts.

E is for exciting enquiries with practical elements.

N is for new questions waiting to be answered.

C is for cross-curricular opportunities.

E is for ending up outdoors.