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PSHCE/SMSC/British Values

At Harrowgate Hill Primary School we want our children to wonder about the world around them and be critical when doing so, we also want our children to leave us prepared for life in modern Britain.  This doesn't come without guidance and development, as such every class at is taught PSHE (Personal, Social  and Health Education) on a weekly basis.  Typically, these lessons last around an hour, and follow a structure which is varied by the class teacher according to the age group and needs of the class.


The children's Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) is  nurtured through these lessons as well as across the curriculum.  The children are also taught about British Values as we want our children to understand what it is to be a good citizen and to have a thorough understanding of freedom, equality, and fairness. 

Our children are learning to be empathetic, calm and reasonable, dealing with life’s complexities with sensitivity and emotional intelligence.


In September 2018 we introduced the PSHE Jigsaw scheme, feedback from both staff and children so far has been incredibly positive.  The children are enjoying the lessons and developing their understanding, they are also loving the new class mascots!




PSHE in Harrowgate Hill Primary School!