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Select your child's year group to find out what they have been doing in PE! 

                Keeping Active... What could you do at home 

                                    during lockdown? 

Tees Valley - Let's Dance

Darlington School Sports Partnership are taking part in Tees Valley Let's Dance!

It would be amazing to see how many of you can also complete this dance routine.

It is a simple dance routine which children of all ages will be able to participate in.


The dance will be split up into four sections which will be posted weekly between now and the Easter Holidays.

Week 1 - W/C 22.02.21

Week 2 - W/C 01.03.21

Week 3 - W/C 08.03.21

Week 4 - W/C 15.03.21


We will post the instructional videos weekly for those who would like to follow them but feel free to add your own little moves and be as creative as you like!!!


The videos will be added to the 'Video Resource Centre' section of the school website - so pop over to there to view them (


We would love to see your videos too, so please post them on the school Facebook page and on the class blogs.


Good luck!!!



Remember to check your year group page for any specific PE tasks during lockdown! Here are a few extra links you might want to try! Enjoy!


A lot of you will be missing your swimming lessons! Hopefully we will be able to start swimming again soon as it is such an important skill to learn! Use the link below to access worksheets linked to swimming. There are lots of different ones, for lots of different stages. Choose one that is most appropaite to you!  


Back to School


We have loved getting back to school and especially starting our PE lessons again! 

This year we are really lucky to have two fantastic PE coaches - Miss Dunnabie and Mr Howell. 


Reception children have really enjoyed their first PE lessons! They have been exploring balance and different ways of moving. 


**Come back soon for photographs of other year groups**


In our PE lessons we aim to give every child access to progression-based learning, focusing on physical skills.

Alongside this, the children will develop their emotional and thinking skills, which is what our children need to achieve in PE and ultimately life!


We are developing and working on introducing key skills in our lessons that our children can apply to sports and other areas within the curriculum. These skills include:

     Creative skills                                       Cognitive skills                           Physical skills


     Social skills                                Personal skills                         Health and fitness


Personal Challenge

Our Sports Crew are busy creating a personal challenge for you to take part in at home! 

**Come back soon to find out more!** 



                         Fitness Week


We have had a fantastic week! The children:

- participated in a Fit4Kids workshop where they learnt about healthy eating and easy exercises to do at home, 

- took part in star-jump/hop and daily mile challenges, 

- completed a dance-a-thon, 

- and worked with Paralympic Archer, Danielle Brown. 


The Daily Mile

Our children have the opportunity to take part in 'The Daily Mile' during their lunch hour. This is to help keep children active and healthy in our school. 

Keeping Active

Active 30:30

Being active for at least 60 minutes a day is linked to better general health, stronger bones and muscles, and higher levels of self-esteem. We aim for children to be active for at least 30 minutes in school per day! 


If you would like to find out more infomation, please use the following link:


There are things you can do outside of school to help keep fit and active. Use this website to find out more!

Well done to all those involved! We aim to maintain the silver award this year!



Pupil Voice


In the Autumn Term our KS2 children took part in a survey. Our children were asked:

‘Do you think when entering competitions, we should:’

- Send our best team to win

- Let a mixture of children go and have the experience.’


Our children voted as follows:

69% - Let a mixture of children go and have the experience

31% - Send our best team to win


This is how we now select our children for sporting events when representing the school.