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Welcome Dingoes!

A big hello from Mrs Fraser and Mrs Marsden! We are so excited to have you back in school and can't wait for this years adventure. There are lots of wonderful topics for us to explore and learn about. We will be adding lots of photos to our page throughout the year so everyone can see what we have been up to.  


During this term we will be looking at the adventures of Captain Cook and learning all about journeys! 


For now, we thought it might be interesting to read some facts about dingoes... as they are what our class is named after. If you find anymore facts out about dingoes, bring them into class! 

Dingoes are closely related to wolves, some are wild and some are kept as pets (although some places don’t like you to have them as pets)!


Dingoes have owl-like abilities! They have extremely good eyesight and can swivel their heads 180!

Just like humans, dingoes have rotating wrists. This allows them to use their paws like hands to catch prey.

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