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To celebrate the end of our Space topic, Kangaroo class made space biscuits!



They weighed out their ingredients carefully!



They rubbed together the butter and the flour to make the mixture like bread crumbs.



Rolled out the dough and carefully cut the star shapes out.

'We have to put flour on the table to stop the dough from sticking'

The smell in our classroom made us all very hungry!

Throughout Autumn we have learned all about Space. With our Space topic, we had the opportunity to study a famous artist. We looked at Vincent Van Gogh and his painting 'Starry Night'. We were able to recreate the image ourselves using oil pastles. 

We have been very busy throughout the first half of our Autumn term! To kick off the Autumn term we learned all about Australiasia. 


Meet the Teacher Powerpoint

22nd September 2020

Hi, welcome to our Class Page! 


Since coming back to School, we have been settling in and exploring our new classroom. We have learnt a lot about Australia and the animals that live there. We have just started our new Space topic this week, so keep checking to see what we get up to this term!