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At Harrowgate Hill Primary School, we teach our History and Geography through our Topic themes.


Our programmes of study have been developed to provide pupils with a comprehensive knowledge of Britain’s past and develop their understanding of significant locations in the wider world, and key events in world history.


Through the teaching of History, our aim is to inspire curiosity and equip pupils with the skills to ask insightful questions and develop a judgement based on the sources and arguments available to them. By the end of their Primary years, the children will have developed a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history.


In Geography, children are interested and curious about the world around them. We equip children with knowledge about diverse places, resources, and both natural and human environments. We develop a deeper understanding of the Earth’s physical and human processes and the formation of different environments. The children’s geographical knowledge allows them to examine the connections between the Earth’s features and how these too change over time.

 Here's what KS1 and KS2 are up this year:


  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1


History of astronauts

Different landscapes

Sequencing events

Old toys and new toys

Super hero travelling-

Local area (local heroes)

Map work

Route to school

School improvement

Year 2

History of transport

Significant local individuals who contributed to transport




The Seaside

Year 3

Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

Skara Brae

Finding cities on a map


Compass work

Real life heroes
Ancient Egyptians
Year 4

Life as an Ancient Greek

Past and present Olympics

‘Unfortunate’ Events in History Extreme Weather Romans and the impact on Britain Roman Empire – what creates the perfect settlement?
Year 5

Where in the world is Brazil?

History of Space

Invaders and Settlers Water
Year 6

Fifty Furious Years – Aspects of WW1 and WW2 with special emphasis on the NE.

Who Were The Maya and Where Did They Live? Rainforests and Conservation of the Rainforest.

Voyage of Discovery: Who was Charles Darwin and when did he live?

Voyage of the Beagle.

Restless Earth.


What we've been up to: